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  1. Barking Monkey

    Favorite SASL Campaigns?

    Vetsurg - I experimented a while ago linking several playings of "Block Party" on the Festung Budapest map (North Half) into a sort of mini campaign. It worked moderately well, as I recall. Since then I've gotten my hands on published HASL/SASL stuff (like the Red Barricades missions in...
  2. Barking Monkey

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Extra set one is a purchase based on the extra Commonwealth transport and Mortars alone. If I have one quibble it's that the jeeps are armed. I've always felt the biggest shortcoming in the core module countermix for the US and Commonwealth is the paucity of unarmed jeeps. (Those of us with...
  3. Barking Monkey

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Just noticed the cop names. Hope there's a Captain Miller as well as a Sgt. Harris.
  4. Barking Monkey

    Who will be first to provide photographic proof of the mythical bd77?

    I sure wouldn't want to be the farmer that had to plow and harvest up and down THOSE slopes! Hope the ol' tractor doesn't tip over...
  5. Barking Monkey

    Reporting Missions

    So several years ago I looked into reporting SASL mission results on ROAR but there didn't seem to be a way to do it. That was that for quite awhile but just this week I found out that we CAN post SASL results on the ASL Scenario Archive website. A quick glance suggests it has all the...
  6. Barking Monkey

    Enemy Smoke Grenades

    Add me to the list of those that place smoke before DFF rather than after (I wasn't even aware of this wording in 5.74.) Seems like any rational human player would place smoke before moving in the open and even the AI does so with already activated infantry. Guess I'm adding this to 9.2...
  7. Barking Monkey

    USMC vs Japanese SASL?

    One other thing I remembered after I made the above post - with G.1-PTO Terrain in effect you're going to run into issues with a fair cross section of missions (presuming you're still doing random mission selection.) This is because several missions rely on a 'road - network' road, and G1 makes...
  8. Barking Monkey

    USMC vs Japanese SASL?

    I've started a couple PTO campaigns with varying degrees of success. As you say, SASL is strongly slanted toward non-African ETO action. The good news is SASL is a fine sandbox for customization. I'm attaching a PTO version of the ENEMY RE table you might enjoy experimenting with - the...
  9. Barking Monkey

    Will COVID shots be required to attend Tournaments in the future?

    It could certainly be made a requirement, but based on the tournaments I've attended in the past practical enforcement would seem unlikely. "Chaos" tends to be the watchword at check-in, which is typically manned by volunteers (frequently the teenage family members of organizers or gamers from...
  10. Barking Monkey

    Late War British Winter Uniforms

    My suggestion would be to get in touch with a re-enacting group. Those guys live for this kind of stuff. A quick web search turned up: (One's based in Arizona and the other in California, so cold weather gear...
  11. Barking Monkey

    Vietnam war not WWII - but interesting. 20% of US troops in Vietnam were heroin addicts.

    I'm of the 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof' mindset. I usually trust the BBC, but if they're going to throw out a figure like 20% addicts they'd better have more to back it up than "some estimates state". I thought it was telling that only 5% of returning vets were addicted...
  12. Barking Monkey

    Boats, Panic and S13.61

    This seems eminently sensible to me and is pretty much where all the discussion was leading me to. I'll have to defer to you on LC - I've never played a beach landing mission/scenario and am entirely ignorant of the rules involved. If/when I do I have a feeling I'll be circling back to this...
  13. Barking Monkey

    Boats, Panic and S13.61

    I said vague because the rule states that FRIENDLY units 'on a boat' are not subject to panic. If it had said "IN a boat' or 'loaded on a boat' that would have been clear. I suspect you're right that inherent crew are not meant to be included here, but a reasonable case could be made that the...
  14. Barking Monkey

    Boats, Panic and S13.61

    Just want to see if others agree with this rules interpretation with boats and panic. I've got German infantry beached and on assault boats having a mix of morale '7' and '8' troops. S13.61 says FRIENDLY units in boats in water are not subject to panic - unfortunately vague wording the full...
  15. Barking Monkey

    S8.62 ENEMY Final Fire

    Because section 6.x overall applies to phases beyond the ENEMY PFPh, I've always interpreted it to mean the north to south action order is intended generally, unless a standard rule overrides it (like Berserk units moving first, etc.)
  16. Barking Monkey

    S8.62 ENEMY Final Fire

    If I'm understanding your question, section S6.12 applies; an activated ENEMY unit rolls on table A2 during the FRIENDLY player turn to check for panic, if it doesn't panic assign a target based on A3 as you mentioned.
  17. Barking Monkey

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    You may have more of these than you realize, they tend to turn up in odd places. I've got at least 2 or three sets of weather/wind/VP counters and I've only bought BV once. Festung Budapest and Corregidor (the latter by BFP) have weather counters. I think they've appeared elsewhere as well...
  18. Barking Monkey

    Elite Companies and Determining Replacements

    This is a very timely post as I’m planning to launch a USMC campaign as soon as I get the counter sheets from Broken Ground for the campaign company units. I hadn’t considered the issue of replacement MMC so it’s very handy your bringing this up. My concern with only replacing on a ‘0’...
  19. Barking Monkey

    Question on Mission 12: Besieged, msr #7

    I agree with the above regarding the primacy of automatic actions. Additionally, when I play this mission (it's one of my favorites) I still roll on table A4b for those ENEMY that have move actions only to assess whether the unit conducts assault, full or double-time movement (just to maintain...
  20. Barking Monkey

    Da Paul Challenge

    I just found this thread after a search I tried upon finding the Chinese/Polish Vickers 6 ton armor discrepancies myself. What seems interesting to me is that the values are not just different but, in a sense 'flipped' - the Chinese/Bulgarian version has the turret superior to the hull, while...