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  1. GrumpyWargamer

    The incredibly depressing celebrities-in-steep-decline thread

    All men are NOT created equal, time just sees to it you exit that way.
  2. GrumpyWargamer

    Val Kilmer owes $500,000.00 in back taxes

    Lesson here, just because someone can act on command doesn't mean they have any more brains than the kid that asked you if you wanted fries with that. Kid might even have more brains when you think of it.
  3. GrumpyWargamer

    Cowboy Bebop Movie is Apparently Dead

    It's anime, and every time I see an anime being 'interpreted' by anyone at all Hollywood I get really skeptical. Them not screwing it up is more about random chance than skill.
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    Space Battleship Yamato

    "Why can't Hollywood make old school, "WWII in space" sci-fi movies like this instead of crappy sci-fi like Avatar?" Because it's Hollywood and it's in the US where they tend to screw up a lot of things. I like watching anime, and Starblazers is really just one example of countless examples...
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    Loved the film a lot. But to be honest, the most common remark was don't rush yourself on the popcorn, you won't miss the first 15 minutes. A lot of downmloaders said as much too, just skip the first 15 minutes, you won't miss it.
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    I'm in, but they better not Cloverfield the camera this time or I will be pissed. The first 15 minutes is almost nauseating.
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    Is Cheerleading a sport, apparently so.

    It's not a sport. Hey models can have competitions, but modeling is not a sport. You can write for writing contests, but writing is not a sport. Just because they do all manner of acrobatic stunts AT sports events, doesn't make it a sport. Otherwise you would have to consider the band a...
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    [NSFW] Move Over Gymnastics

    Hmm impressive clearly, but to be honest, a woman would impress me more by being great at doing housework. What can I say, I like a clean home more. I like home cooking more. I like not having to do all that more. As it goes, my wife is great at giving me plenty in the bedroom, but I wish she...
  9. GrumpyWargamer

    Robin Williams raises tensions between Australia and USA

    Williams IS a comedian though. Taking him seriously is an idiots option. The Aussy PM sounds like the wife is not putting out currently, because the Aussies ARE English rednecks. Hey, he could have called them English refuse, it was a penal island originally eh.
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    What size monitor do you use?

    My son uses a 17in LCD a 23in LCD combo so that he can play WoW nonstop and still have the ability to web browse (mainly for YouTube) or do homework or chat program all at the same time. I don't thik I could split my attention that much.
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    What size monitor do you use?

    22in Widescreen LCD It's nice, I think much bigger will take a very long time in coming. I'm hoping to convert to being a laptop user for the future. My next major computer purchase will likely be a 15in laptop and I will allow the PC to grow old gracefully. I no longer need it the same way as...