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  1. TacCovert4

    Cmsf pbem?

    I'm just checking into the possibility of a CMSF PBEM. I'm pretty open to playing any side, any scenario. Not that open to QBs, IMHO they're so random as to be worthless. I've got vanilla SF, patched up though. Let me know and you can pick the scenario or let me choose one.
  2. TacCovert4

    CMSF Game anyone?

    I'm looking for someone to play my first PBEM of SF against. I've got v1.11 with no additional modules (waiting for Marines to cheapen up). I'll go for any of the stock scenarios (though I'd prefer to be opfor in those), a new scenario, or I have a near-total urban map that I can custom-build...
  3. TacCovert4

    German Campaign 1st week

    Ok, this is my first campaign, and in order to give me a simpler learning curve I chose Germans without Room 40. I started off by separating the 2 squadrons of predreadnoughts and older battleships from the HSF, and creating Raiding forces 1 and 2. This was done so that with the...
  4. TacCovert4

    CM:SF Tourney interest page

    Because for the good of Gamesquad, not because we like BFC, it needs to be done. I'm opening an interest page for a CM:SF (v1.12 (non-Marine/Brit) tournament. In order to get this thing going, I would like to see at least 6 participants, though I can make do with any numbers from 5-9. Also...
  5. TacCovert4

    TtT Round 3

    Round Three will start on Monday, April 9th. I have to get some information from Mangus on the standings from round one, and get the portions of round 2 that he accepted so I can get the standings in order. Round 3 will be non mirrored, and will cover a portion of the Siege of Tobruk...
  6. TacCovert4

    Mangus out, Mangus' Revenge!

    For all of you that read the threads, mangus2000 was well nigh stopped in our previous battle. As I am a teacher at heart, and a gentleman, I proposed a grudge match to give him fair chance to settle this. As his biggest weakness in the previous game was use of armor and mobility, I've set...
  7. TacCovert4

    One more?

    I'm getting my act back together after a long period of, well everything but sending CMAK files, and I'm looking for one ladder game. Before they mention it, Mangus, your outgoing file will be in your email shortly; and Bertram, is it your turn or mine? I never did hear back after my USB drive...
  8. TacCovert4

    TtT Tournament Round 2!

    Since this battle is forthcoming, and the original thread is so long at this point, making a new thread for this battle seems necessary. Battle 2 will be: Benghazi, The Scrape for the Scarp! Any other information about the battle itself will be revealed in the briefings.
  9. TacCovert4

    Announcing: Tripolitania To Tobruk CMAK Tourney

    Afrika Korpsmen and Desert Rats: I come to you today to announce the Tripolitania to Tobruk CMAK Tournament. This tournament will follow the time period from February 1941 until May 1941, fighting the key engagements in Rommel's initial push across the desert. From Benghazi to the...
  10. TacCovert4

    Mangus out. Whack the Crip Begins!

    Mangus if you're reading this, Go AWAY! Despite what the Germans might learn from radio intercepts You would never get this accurate. You can read my running AAR after the battle is over, probably with a beer and a lot of laughs. To everybody else: This is the running AAR for mine and...
  11. TacCovert4

    Yogi Versus Rangers: Round 1

    This will be the running commentary of the 1st Round of the Yogi V. Rangers series. TacCovert4 will be playing as the indomitable, though bumbling, Yogi Bear, with the Rangers played by none other than RangerBooBoo. This battle takes place in North Africa during March of 1943, as the...
  12. TacCovert4

    Want a relaxing game of Whack the Crip?

    I have 1, maybe 2 games starting tonight/tomorrow morning, but would like another 1 or 2. Courtesy of Orthopaedics East, I have PLENTY of spare time on my hand (the other one is in a brace from surgery). I can send 1, possibly 2 files a day, dependent on arrival of reply file. For...
  13. TacCovert4

    Quick Battle CMAK

    CMAK QB Taccovert4 V. Arom Dov This battle was terminated early by ceasefire, due to Taccovert4's leaving the civilian world for Parris. As a courtesy to Dov, and by mutual agreement, he needs to be spotted 5 percentage points for the early ending, making the battle a draw. Therefore...
  14. TacCovert4

    CM Newbie looking for "Friendly" Opponents.

    I'm completely new to CM, excepting the demos which I have played to death. I should be getting Afrika Korps within the week, and I'm looking for some multiplayer action to show me the ropes. If you are an inexperienced CM player, I'm your man. We can both gain experience together. If...