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  1. aneil1234

    Current May 2020 Version of leaflet House rules ?

    G'day Where can I locate these days the most Current May 2020 Version of Leaflet House rules ? And while at it has it been updated updated for Red Factories I have tried to find it but not having a lot of luck Thanks in advance Neil
  2. aneil1234

    Brain fade with planes

    Drop a bomb on a building hex. Cellar and ground floor have unconcelaed units (and both fortified) top floor empty and not. Does the Top floor location get the Case K (Concealed) mod as well to a hit on empty location Very old QA says the AUTOMATIC pin from a Stuka does not strip ? (reguardless...
  3. aneil1234

    Personal leader

    Anyone out there got a copy of the rules Think they were in ASL Annual 1995 Ta
  4. aneil1234

    Is Cancon Happening

    And did anyone turn up to stop the Üsual Suspects winning ? lol
  5. aneil1234

    Contacting Zombie ASL

    Ok I don't like my chances But anyone, ANYONE at all connected with Zombie ASL pack by Eastside games contact me PM Neil Andrews Aylesbury UK
  6. aneil1234

    Odd problem - VASL wizard

    An odd problem has sort of appeared with me playing vassal/vasl lately Despite how many times I turn it off in the preferences, the VASL wizard always appears. And the checkbox saying do you want the wizard to appear is back checked again ? I had recently upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to...
  7. aneil1234

    Abandoned vehicles and movement

    I feel I should know an answer to this ? But even more important I feel I should no where in the rulebook I should be looking something up to answer this question. So there are some abandoned half tracks on the road. In this case they are US, but it really doesn't matter who they belong to ...
  8. aneil1234

    Question time Trail break in Woods Roads

    G'day Something came up todat that had us stumped So A Shermie drives using all its MP (less one to start and stop etc) ?into the woods part of a Woods-road hex, passes his Bog and all is good. Most importantly on the very nice new partail Trail Break his bashed through the trees (Don't tell...
  9. aneil1234

    Has any one played/know about KGP CGIV Above the Prayers

    So there is an SSR for this CG - SSR3 - (edited) "during Night scenario, The Germans may automatically release units under RESERVE/No Move at the start of T5" So ok, no probs with the No Move. But Reserve units ????? This seems to be completely against the rules and the spirit of Reserve unit...
  10. aneil1234

    KGP Night

    I've been looking and searching, But I can't find it written anywhere So Quick question Are US and German Units "NORMAL" for Straying purposes I assume its the case, as I can't see it anywhere that they are "Lax" or "Stealthy" Thanks
  11. aneil1234


    G'day Quick question CCP are replenished at the end of each period with the base amount - a DR So far so good :D On Period 4 the US side get 10CCP, so what happens if they gack their roll and get say a 11 or a 12 ? i.e they end up with Minus Points ?
  12. aneil1234

    VASL Keyboard shortcuts WORD FILE

    Used to have one of the above Lost it Does any one have a Word or PDF copy of VASL Keyboard shortcuts
  13. aneil1234

    Friendly Vehicle manned by INF CREW

    A/ What penalties if any for a FRIENDLY Inf Crew manning a Vehicle (in this case a SDKfz 11/4 AA HT) ? ((But generalised answers good too) B/ If it gets out (for what ever reason) is it NOW a Vehicle Crew Counter or back to an Inf crew ? Can find lots of answers on what happens if its a enemy...
  14. aneil1234

    SdKfz 251/sMG

    Having a minor brain explosion Can't remember and don't have RB handy Can a normal infantry leader direct the fire (and the associated -DRM) of the MA(CMG)/AAMG armament of these vehicles whilst being a CE PRC ? i.e BEFORE he gets off (with the stripped HMG) in tow)
  15. aneil1234

    SW Destruction re B20.95

    A Squad is destroyed in CCPh in close combat whilst both attacker and defender were at crest status in a shallow stream. The squad was holding a LMG when it got eliminated. The LMG wasn't destroyed by the CC so according to B20.95 it falls INTO the depression Is the LMG destroyed cause it got...
  16. aneil1234

    I should know this ? moving and planes

    Couple of quick questions I thought It would be easy to find an answer in the book...... but then I was wrong lol 1/ A Vehicle DURING the MPh takes a shot at an attacking plane with Light AA fire. Can it move AFTER it has fired 2/ Same vehicle (PSW 222(L)) has AA capable MA. can it fire its...
  17. aneil1234

    Straying and Banzai/HW

    Think the title makes it clear 1/ Does a Banzai unit/group/collection (Or what ever you want to call it) have to stray in a dense jungle hex 2/ if a Multi-location Banzai have 1 unit that does NOT have to stray, does this release the others in the same Banzai from the same restriction 3/ Does...
  18. aneil1234

    ASL J47 " They're Here ! Reverse !"

    Ok. The Italian Balance for this is to add TWO L5/M40 Light Tanks Now I can't find any reference to this vehicle In Chapter H, and nor is there any Errata on the MMP site for this So I'm pretty sure its a typo that seems no one has questioned till now ? So what vehicle should it be I'm...
  19. aneil1234

    Fix Italian Tank M14/41 Please

    I have asked this before, and I will now try again Can someone PLEASE fix the artwork for the Italian M14/41 Tank. It is currently a aged Armoured car rather than the tank it should be And it has been this way for at least 12 months or so I am NO expert, but seeing there is a correct version...
  20. aneil1234

    ASL In South Central UK

    G'day Anyone about in that part of the world email