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  1. GeorgeBates

    The worst shark attack in history was in WWII

    It appears that the animal most deadly to humans is... ... the mosquito.
  2. GeorgeBates

    Map selection with keyboard?

    Works. V e r y v e r y s l o w l y. But it works.
  3. GeorgeBates

    Two dm 81mm mortars

    What, you've never seen buildings under way before?
  4. GeorgeBates

    Two dm 81mm mortars

    Concur. The group of men further forward on the right appear to be a heavy MG crew. Was there a date, location and source for this photo?
  5. GeorgeBates

    Two dm 81mm mortars

    Ah, here. If you can make out a Kubelwagen from that rear smudge you really know your silhouettes! Curious what the tall profile vehicle about to crest the ridge might me - looks like a very long barrel if this was circa 1941. There is a lot of battle smoke wafting from center to left. The...
  6. GeorgeBates

    Automation feature request

    Thanks. The file in the zip folder has neither extension. Does it need one to work properly?
  7. GeorgeBates

    Automation feature request

    Should the extension in the zip file have an .mdx or .vmdx suffix?
  8. GeorgeBates

    Two dm 81mm mortars

    Where are those vehicles in that photo? There appears to be a Mark III immediately in front of the mortar crews, but perhaps my prescription needs to be updated to make out any other vehicles.
  9. GeorgeBates

    J166, Maximum Aggression

    Well, it was 2018, but other than that you have it about right. You certainly had the better of me from the Grok Phase.
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    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    Inherit Zoom - Not working in Acrobat DC Reader. Or did I miss a setting?
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    I'm saving my phlegm until it's safe to share again.
  12. GeorgeBates

    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    For demos of "in motion," "stopped" and "non-stopped" in your driveway?
  13. GeorgeBates

    Is this cheating?

    One thing those notes to oneself do help is speeding up the first MPh. Have fun with "Shoot-N-Scoot." Fun scenario.
  14. GeorgeBates

    Official HASLs & CGs in the works

    You'll get over it.
  15. GeorgeBates

    Critical it effects

    He was having a smoke in the vestibule when the mortar hit
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    Average Dice

    My kinda playtester!
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    MMP Updates 2021

    How 'bout that new MMP site!
  18. GeorgeBates

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    So it really was Tom Hanks' .45 after all?