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    Report and the Numbers of the 2019 ASL OPEN

    Congrats to the winners and also to the everyone who attended and enjoyed the play at what sounds like a great extended weekend of ASL. Sadly, I missed the last two years due to conflicting commitments on the same weekend, but I expect to attend next year with my retirement from serving in...
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    Red Barricades - Sniper Relocation

    We have always played the same as Jeff and Jim. After the randomly chosen sniper is determined, that sniper can be re-positioned.
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    Choosing to shoot defensive fire during movement phase

    I am not sure no more movement means no more movement if he is shot at. If it is in a rule I would like to see it but the attacker may not have a choice. If he is fired on and does the MC/ roll HOB: berserk, now he has 8 mp and must continue moving up to the full 8 or until he gets to an enemy...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    We like to call it pre-combat rehearsals. Even if it is with cardboard combat troops instead of a sand table.
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    New members introduce yourself here

    new to forum not the game Been reading the posts for a week or two since a friend let me know about this site. A little about me: I have 18yrs in the infantry. Still serving and I try to find the time to play the best game I found for tactics and fun. Stress the fun. Did I mention FUN...