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  1. Palantir

    Law breaking in the Shire!

    No one's safe from the long arm of goverment interference, not even little Hobbits living in the peaceful Shire. Eleven pages of goobily-gook just to say it's too short! At least Mayor Gamgee finally got it all straightened out...
  2. Palantir

    AVG vs. MS essentials

    AVG vs. Microsoft Security Essentials Can a PC guru give me the scoop on this? Both are free anti-virus etc. downloads, I was told I should dump AVG (which I have installed) and get the MSE version as it was bette and would help in running games online. True or not? Or can I just get...
  3. Palantir

    Diverse Round 5 (Final round)

    Welcome to the the final round of the Diverse Tourney! Starting May4th - ends July 2. Round 5 is the largest tourney scenario in game length, map size & unit count. Matchups: Allied vs. Axis Quellist (40) vs. MeatEtr (44) {Championship match} BigAlMoho...
  4. Palantir

    Diverse Round 4

    I still plan to swap my Recon scenario in Rd 4 instead of the original large Rd 4 "Rampa" scenario (may be a slight start delay). Rd 4 matchups: Allies vs. Axis 1. BigAlMoho vs. Lurker: Axis Minor 44 / 56 2. Michael Dorosh vs. MeatEtr: Axis Major 19 / 81 3. KG_SSpoom (for Redwolf)...
  5. Palantir

    Wear a Packers tie & get FIRED!

    Man fired for wearing a Green Bay Packers Tie to work in Chicago... How utterly stupid & what a lame excuse. Makes about as much sense as a burger joint manager saying, "We sell hamburgers "Mr. Employee" and we put adds in the City paper- so you can't read a magazine here." :crosseye...
  6. Palantir

    Michigan Football selects new coach

    The Wolverines have a new coach, San Diego State's Brady Hoke! :crosseye: The Aztecs went 9-4 & 5-3 in the Mountain West Conference. He brings along ton of excitment to possibile recruits doesn't he. Yea, so anyway... who do you think will be the new Michigan coach in 2014...
  7. Palantir

    "Action Spots:" CMx1 vs. CMx2

    I had this "action spot" LOS occur in a CMAK game I'm playing. (See screenshot) Note that I can get LOS next to, in front of & even THRU the 1/2 Track to the building but I can't lock on the target. :angry: Is this problem the same or worse in CMx2 with their "action spots?" I know...
  8. Palantir

    Your mind on buying?

    With the initial posting for CM:BN what's your opinion now on buying the game upon release? 1. Yes, will buy on release. 2. No, will wait for player reviews then decide. 3. No, will wait for the first patch then decide. 4. No, won't be buying it at all.
  9. Palantir

    "Big Ten" just gets weirder

    I think they could have come up with some better division names, they are: Legends Division and the Leaders Division . TA DA!!!! :crosseye: :kotz: The former will feature Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin. The latter groups Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State...
  10. Palantir

    Big 10 Prez- a joke

    The guy can say what he wants but he needs to get his facts straight... COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)—Ohio State’s president says TCU and Boise State don’t deserve to be in the BCS title game even if they run the table.... “I do know, having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big...
  11. Palantir

    Hobbit Movie leaves NZ.

    Sir Peter Jackson’s new film won’t be shot in New Zealand after an actors dispute threatened to de-rail the project. The Hobbit will no longer be filmed in New Zealand. Sir Peter Jackson’s production company Wingnut Films says Warners is coming to New Zealand to make arrangements to move...
  12. Palantir

    Diverse Round 3

    With Rd 1 finishing so quickly ROUND 3 will start earlier @ Sept 30 instead on Nov 13, unless someone needs a later start. Title: KM-Diverse Tourney Round 3 “Escort the Tea” (CMBB) Type: Meeting Engagement with attack and defend. Date: March 1943 Location: Another obscure place along the...
  13. Palantir

    Diverse Round 2

    ROUND 2 Title: KM-Diverse Tourney Round 2 “Capture the City” (CMBB) Type: Meeting Engagement with attack and defend. Date: July 1942 Location: Another obscure place along the Eastern Front. Region: South Terrain: Urban Weather: Dry, Cool, Clear, Midday. Wind: Calm Turns: 25+ Size...
  14. Palantir

    Diverse Round 1

    This is the thread for Round 1. (Please read the "One Last Tourney" thread for Tourney info) If you want to play please post below & select your side: Axis or Soviet - on a first come first served basis. No limit on number of players but signups END August 5th. All matches will be...
  15. Palantir

    One last CM Tourney

    The Diverse Tourney Announcement! Three rounds of CMBB & One of CMAK (non-historical). I have a series of diverse scenarios (hence the name) ready & play-tested for your Tourney playing enjoyment. It's a chance for everyone to get real bragging rights over each other besides on the forum...
  16. Palantir

    Is Cheerleading a sport, apparently so.

    Cheerleading is now a sport at this college & volleyball is out due to $$. To me any "sport" that does not involve a competitor actually hindering your actions is not a sport but an activity/hobby. Or more to the point...
  17. Palantir

    New names for Big 10 / Pac 10?

    Anyone have some possibile new names for the new "Pac-10 / Big 10" conferences? Pac 10- "Big West Conference." Big 10- "Central US Conference." :hmmm:
  18. Palantir

    Will the Big 12 implode?

    Is this the end for the Big 12 Conference? (Almost all discussions on the topic revolve around the 12 football programs & KU basketball program) With the Pac 10 and Big 10 both looking to expand and having their eyes on the Big 12 this could mean the end of the 14 year old conference...
  19. Palantir

    The Hobbit Movie

    Might as well have a thread for stuff on the upcoming movies: :D "Official" site: The one I follow, the granddaddy LotR site of them all: (A fan Movie Poster- I like it!)
  20. Palantir

    CMN- deal busters?

    Some place someone commented "just because CMN is missing "X" (one little thing) won't stop me from buying it." So, exactly how many "little" things WILL it take to be missing from or wrong with CMN to make it a no-buy for you? So far, IIRC, we have US troops only (UK etc in a later...