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  1. Heldenkaiser

    Entrenching in EA - Artillery and HQs

    From the EA house rules: "Entrenching: most units have a capability to ‘dig in’, which strengthens their defensive capability and limits supply. Unfortunately these entrenchments do not disappear with the unit, but remain throughout the game. It is quite possible to deliberately cover most...
  2. Heldenkaiser

    Axis Partisans in Russia?

    In T73 of my EA game as the Allies, I am seeing hexes converted to Axis control deep behind my lines in Russia. My railroads are interrupted. What's going on? Axis doesn't have partisans in Russia? :rolleyes: Thanks! :)
  3. Heldenkaiser

    Fall Grün 1938 Heldenkaiser vs. Nemo

    Well, West Front is over and Stefan has disappeared from our EA game ... since having no DAR to write is clearly no fun, I'll do one on my new "Fall Grün 1938" game with Marc (Nemo). It's only 20 turns, it looks like I'll lose it in 5, and it's a less well-known scenario, so it's very little...
  4. Heldenkaiser

    Slovaks in EA

    Seeing how even Luxemburg is represented as a country in EA (all of one hex!), I have come to wonder what happened to Slovakia. The map shows it as a part of Germany, which it was not. Slovak forces participated in the Polish campaign and fought on the German side in Russia, so the country was...
  5. Heldenkaiser

    Status of Luxemburg

    This may not seem a particularly relevant question, but I am wondering about the status of Luxemburg in EA. It's a state (it has borders all around), it's an objective (Allied to begin with), but it has no army, and it's not mentioned at all in the briefing (except in the definition of Western...
  6. Heldenkaiser

    EA Heldenkaiser (Allies) vs. Telumar (Axis)

    My first game of EA. Since I expect this to be an interesting (and probably occasionally quite surprising) game, I will try a brief AAR again. However, since I am running out of webspace, and I do intend to complete my West Front AAR the way it is, with maps inserted in the text, I will here...
  7. Heldenkaiser

    EA Air Question

    I think I do understand the effect declarations of war have in EA ... they allow to bring a minor country from neutral (garrison) to belligerent (active) status so that it can fight when attacked. However, the UK, Soviet Union and Germany are belligerents from the start, i.e. their units are...
  8. Heldenkaiser

    EA Briefing / Victory Definition

    I am about to embark on my first-ever game of EA. A lot of things make me wonder ... but most of all this here from the briefing: "What should constitute an Axis 'victory': clinging onto Berlin for one month later than historically; control of Western and Central Europe by 1945; or only the...
  9. Heldenkaiser

    West Front 44 v. 2.63 Heldenkaiser vs. Nemo

    Since this campaign turns out to be so much fun I have decided--a little belatedly, as it's already T9--to post a DAR ("during" action report, obviously) here. Nemo is kindly requested to keep out. :D Since I have a bad memory for details, for those turns that have already passed, the map...
  10. Heldenkaiser

    Absence / for Pasha

    I'll be on vacation from 22 September to 6 October. Sorry for the delay, Pasha - somehow I thought we could finish this more or less before I leave, but that was probably too optimistic. If you don't want to wait, maybe Veers can pair you up with somebody else. Otherwise, I'll be happy to...
  11. Heldenkaiser


    I sent you my first workshop turn on 9/12, 7:18 PM. Did you receive it?
  12. Heldenkaiser

    Reading List / Suggestion

    Since we are using the place of last year's workshop -- 1. The following thread contains a comprehensive reading list for TOAW newbies, as well as other useful info. 2. Many other threads from last year's workshop cover general...
  13. Heldenkaiser

    That patch ...

    ... several people mentioned it. -- What's it about? Any great changes that we're waiting for? Thanks. :shy:
  14. Heldenkaiser

    When and where?

    1. When is this workshop supposed to start? 2. Where is my place? I registered in the newbie signup thread, but find myself listed as "lieutenant" in the veteran thread? :surprise: Thanks!
  15. Heldenkaiser

    Loss penalty

    1. Is the loss penalty given in the turn briefing directly linear? IOW, if the enemy loss penalty is 20 and mine is 10, does that mean my opponent has lost twice as many men (or vehicles, guns, you name it)? Or is it weighed in some way, i.e. German losses are more valuable than Russian ones...
  16. Heldenkaiser

    Naval units supply

    How do naval units resupply? There is no supply on water hexes it appears. Thanks. :)
  17. Heldenkaiser

    Beep in replay

    The last replay I watched had two rather strange "beep" sounds in it ... sounds crazy, but there it is. Anyone ever heard of something like that? What might it be?
  18. Heldenkaiser

    "No Borders"

    One of my opponents selected this (without my knowledge). I guess it means for FOW regarding ownership? Is this a usual setting? Thanks. :)
  19. Heldenkaiser


    When would I want to disband a unit? I have occasionally clicked in the wrong place and been asked whether I wanted to disband the currently selected unit, so I know the option exists ... what for? Thanks. :)
  20. Heldenkaiser

    Breaking down units

    ... is it a common practice, or controversial? I have started a game at Tannenberg 1914 with a new opponent and while I have broken down all my brigades into battalions (as we learned here) and created a formidable frontline all over the board, my opponent is keeping his brigades together, even...