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  1. Doug Kirk

    St Louis ASL Tourney July 24-26, 2020.

    All the information for the 2020 St Louis ASL tourney can be found here I know everyone is hunkered down right now trying to get thru the virus pandemic. Its a shame the KC and Chicago tournaments were cancelled. July is still several months out...
  2. Doug Kirk

    Late St Louis AAR

    I finally got around to writing an AAR for the St. Louis tourney a couple weeks ago. I hope to see more of you there next year. Round 1: RPT141 Volunteers Became Scarce vs Dave Ginnard. Dave had the sides backwards in his AAR if you saw it, I had the South Koreans and he had the North...
  3. Doug Kirk

    FT259 Alcazar! SSR

    In SSR 1, I assume there should be a road between 12I2 and B5, not 12T2 and B5. 12T2 makes no sense. Looks like an interesting scenario, I cant wait to give it a try.
  4. Doug Kirk

    St Louis Tournament July 26-28, 2019

    Its time again to start thinking about the St. Louis ASL tourney in July. Registration and details to be found here: A quick survey of the usual suspects at the Chicago tourney would lead me to believe we will have another good turnout this year...
  5. Doug Kirk

    Walls and Hillock hex

    Where in the rules does it address walls and hillock hexes? See hex Y7 on the Hatten map. Is the wall at level zero? thus a unit in Y7 can not gain wall advantage vs X7 or be hull down vs a firer in hex W10. Or since hex Y7 is a level 1/2 then the wall is at level 1/2 also, there by rising to...
  6. Doug Kirk

    Hatten errata?

    German reinforcement group HW1, I assume should be a SPW 251/21 not /2? Is HF9 rule correct? Seems like an odd use of the word conversely, if correct as written.
  7. Doug Kirk

    St Louis ASL Tournament, July 27-29, 2018

    Only a few short months until the St Louis tourney. All info can be found here: Here is the scenario list, as always ABS will be provided in another month or so. Friday Noon -5:30PM Round 1 ESG37 Tsunami of Maniacs FrF86 Belgian Tigers FT223 The...
  8. Doug Kirk

    KC March Madness 2018

    The Kansas City March Madness tournament was a good time again this year. New hotel this year, with a great large, open, and brightly lit game room. Good food options around, so no complaints on venue. Best part for me was getting to play 5 new scenarios. I always like to play new scenarios...
  9. Doug Kirk

    Captured malfed gun

    Another Crickets question. Russians break their 76 ART piece and the Germans capture it. It is still 4 CVP. No reduction for the malf MA like a AFV? Seems odd...
  10. Doug Kirk


    So what am I doing wrong? I have logged in and saved the ASL forums to my homepage. But when I come back in, it shows me as logged in, but doesn't bring me to the ASL specific forum like the old one did. Very annoying. Has something changed?