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  1. SSlunt

    Looking for an official ruling on Street Fighting

    11.8 STREET FIGHTING: Any vehicle in a road hex and ADJACENT to a building hex on both sides of that road So Looking at the picture. Is the tank in CC7 subject to Street Fighting from a unit in DD7 or BB7? Is the tank in EE6 subject to Street fighting from a unit itn DD5 .
  2. SSlunt

    A11.622 and Armored Leaders

    How do you justify the following. In the list of Q&A - Letter 8 asks and answers Q.Do Armor Leader or Stun DRM apply to a sN attack? Do any other DRM apply to a sN attack? A. No to all. [Letter8] Yet the rule book States: 3.44 The leadership modifier of an Armor Leader can be used only to...
  3. SSlunt

    Deep Frigid Stream and CX

    Searched but could not find what I was looking for so turn to the Hive Mind for an consensus 20.43 DEEP: If a stream is deep, Infantry/Cavalry enter at a cost of four MF and become CX [EXC: broken/Berserk units] (A4.72 would apply to an advance entry)—regardless of whether the move is...
  4. SSlunt

    I know it out there. but.. CC reaction with a unit that is first fired and modifiers

    A German tank moves into bypass and STOPS against a french 1/2 squad and 8-1 leader that has First fired The question is what are the modifiers half squad = 3 leader = 1+1 = 2 (leader plus modifer) -1 street fighting +1 first fired Does the tank get +2 because it moved into this hex turn...
  5. SSlunt

    SSR vs A7.55 Mandatory FG

    Playing FT 100 Hungarian and Germans vs Russians The SSR states that the Hungarians and Germans may not form a FG What happens when the two are stacked together and want to fire at the same unit? Can they both make separate attacks against the same target violating A7.5 Are the forced to...
  6. SSlunt

    How should this be resolved

    How should this be resolved I set up and send my setup to my opponent. We join up in Vasl ready to play and ALL of his on-board units are placed illegally I agree to let him move his units. We play and when turn 2 comes around, and because of something I forget to properly set up my arriving...
  7. SSlunt

    Round 2 ASL 140 - SSR 8 Clarification

    SSR 8 says: Does this mean that there is no requirement to draw a second card should there be no known enemy units in or adjacent to the placement hex in LOS of the radio operator? Vic Provost is the Designer so if he is available to chime in on this ... I believe it is because the extra...
  8. SSlunt

    German Paratroops and rearming via CC

    Just finished playing A Desperate Affair G39 - Terrible scenario. Question: 1941 - German 5-4-8 squad has not yet rearmed so he is effectively a 2-2-8 He destroys a British 4-5-8 squad in close combat. Can the German rearm and become a full 5-4-8 or what. Since is is not an unarmed unit I...
  9. SSlunt

    Drift and Drifts

    Has anyone notice that there is no errata for E9.12 and the reference to drift placement. Under E9.12 Drop Point references the drift placement "and the Drift Placement procedure (3.75) is used to determine the Drop Point" the rule reference is I believe incorrect, it should be E9.2 not...
  10. SSlunt

    Concealed Tank with a different TCA

    If a tank sets up on board concealed. BUT you wish to have a different TCA / and or CE status. Do you need a to put the turret counter on the vehicle under the Large "?"- or as A12.3 suggests that you need only mark down the TCA and CE status as a side record.
  11. SSlunt

    BFP - Poland in Flames 4-3-7

    Please either delete or disregard this question. The answer is found on page 8 of the Rulebook pages They are Green Are the SS 4-3-7 used in Poland in Flames considered Inexperienced/Conscript/Green There is no notation on the counters. If they fail their ELR are they disrupted?
  12. SSlunt

    Bunker - Withdrawl - 30.6

    Assume a CC in a pill box- Trench hex. - The defending player has units in the Trench and a unit in the bunker. The Attacker announces that he is going to attack everyone. The defending unit roll ambush - and withdraws the unit in the trench - Can the remaining Attacking unit attack the units...
  13. SSlunt

    Do Inherent stairways exist in Split Level Buildings?

    Is there an inherent stairway from Ground level Q8 to First level Q8
  14. SSlunt

    Abandoning Prisoners then CC to kill

    we had a situation that I think I have seen discussed but I have been unable to find it or the answer A British guard abandons his prisoners during the Advance phase to go into CC in another hex. Then another British unit advances on the newly abandon prisoners. If the British does not...
  15. SSlunt

    Heroic Leaders - VP or not

    I know that a Heros will not accumulate VP "A26.213 A Hero is worth zero Is a Heroic Leader treated as a Leader or a Hero for VP's?
  16. SSlunt

    Firing MA after using a SD SN or SM

    I have been looking but I have not found an answer. Which I realize may be the answer. I know that if you are going to fire a Vehicle Smoke Dispenser (VSD) you need to do that before you fire the MA. But can you fire your MA after you have used a VSD (whether in the current hex or after...
  17. SSlunt

    Mortar fire on moving tank with riders

    During the movement phase a mortar wishes to fire at a moving tank with riders. in order to hit either the tank and or the riders do you add Case J (+2 for moving target) and Case J1 J2 Or Do you NOT add the Case J (J,J1,J2) for the riders thus making the infantry easier to hit than the Tank...
  18. SSlunt

    Melee - squad and Tank (subsequent Tank destruction)

    A German tank moves into an American occupied rubble hex and nothing happens during the CC phase An American unit out side the hex destroys the tank. Is the Squad in the hex still held in Melee until the end of that CC phase or can that squad move during its movement phase if the tank was...
  19. SSlunt

    Building control - Ambush infiltration

    A German unit advances into a building with a Russian unit. The German unit ambushes and eliminates the Russian unit. The German then uses infiltration to move to an adjacent building Assuming single hex buildings Are the Germans now considered to be in control of both buildings Or does the...
  20. SSlunt

    C6.5 Acquired Targets - Acquisition loss

    line 18 reads - "...or they fire Inherent FP/SW..." Does this mean Inherent FP and or Inherent SW or OR Does this mean Any SW, Inherent or otherwise Being forced to ask for a friend LOL