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  1. Big Noodle

    BFP Playtest Game

    I need someone to help me playtest a Finnish/Russian Infantry fight. Live VASL / Skype. US Central TZ,
  2. Big Noodle

    Chance D'une Affaire

    Doing a set-up for ASL 232. The German force sets up "within 2 hexes of building R4" The problem is board 6 has no building in R4. I assume they mean building N4.
  3. Big Noodle

    Blood & Jungle 2 the sequel

    Ya know, that B&J play thru PBEM sounded good. If anyone else is interested drop me a line. (A Poland in Flames play 'em all would work too) :)
  4. Big Noodle

    Moving counters between VASL programs instances

    For a project I'm working on, I need to do something rather odd. Is there any way (or could one be created) to select a bunch of counters from one open VASL instance to another. I'm working on a campaign system where I have an entire regiment OOB saved as a game. When a scenario is generated...
  5. Big Noodle

    Emergency help needed!

    I've lost my opponents. Jesus Pie Battle Pierce Mason Jon Haflin. If Anybody has their e-mails, please relay this message: Computer destroyed, Please send last moves to My PC blew and cannot be repaired or replaced at present. My wife PC will serve for now.
  6. Big Noodle

    DI and Boresighting

    Acquisition does not apply to a DI attempt. But does bore-sighting? It seems OK, but the logic leaves one wondering... (I know, I know... logic IS a bunch of flowers that smell TERRIBLE)
  7. Big Noodle

    Question on Gusts

    In a player turn when gusts are in effect, can new dispersed smoke be placed during the movement phase? Or are toys like sN out of action for the entire PT?
  8. Big Noodle

    NW Wisconsin

    Any ASL players in/around Hayward Wisconsin?