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  1. Raver

    Supply issues in Finland

    Hi guys, I've just been playing the TOAW3 version of EA for the first time, and encountered something I havent seen before. My opponent has cleverly blown all the bridges in Finland, which wouldnt normally be a major problem, but because several of them (notably in southern finland) are rail...
  2. Raver

    Next big upgrade??

    Just thinking - with TOAW3 out, and all those extra event slots, EA could get a new lease of life ... anyone been thinking about what we could suggest Mark use them for?
  3. Raver

    Need .... more .... EA....

    Anyone up for a game or 2 of EA - latest version whatever it is. I'm getting a bit short at the moment :)
  4. Raver

    Chuck's Zero Hour scenario

    First off - interesting scenario. If it wasnt i guess i wouldnt be writing this ;) I have played 2 games of this now and they both went more or less the same way. China was knocked out early by the japs in both games, resulting in a bit of a free-for-all romp for the japanese player. In my...
  5. Raver

    CMAK Opponents wanted (preferably beginners)

    Hiya Looking for some opponents for my second, third, fourth, etc games of CMAK. I suck exceptionally badly at this game, so would prefer at least one opponent who is also a beginner. Email me.
  6. Raver

    Help with Blitzkreig

    Having some trouble with the Blitzkreig scenario at the moment. I've played this a few times before, and never had any problems, but this time, we have a bizarre situation where my opponents replacement rate is about 200 while mine is 50. The briefing says that taking minor country capitals...
  7. Raver

    Europe Aflame II

    Was just talking to Ben Turner, and I didnt realise, but EA2 is now available from:;action=display;num=1047768961;start=80#80 also the following instructions on how to run the modified executable are useful: How to use the executable...
  8. Raver

    Hearts of Iron

    Well talking to a few of you EA regulars suggests to me that there is a high level of interest in Hearts of Iron (figures really). I thought I would post a few impressions here for people interested in the game as someone who saw huge potential in it and is a little disappointed. First off...
  9. Raver

    Beginners vs Veterans

    OK, just had a little thought prompted by an email from Fading Capitan. I guess most people are aware that I am playing a few games of EA at the moment (pumping for leadership of mark's fan club). My observation at this point is that this game may be ideal for a newbie playing Allies vs...
  10. Raver

    Anyone else wanna game?

    Alright, I've got a few games of this going at the moment, and I think I must be playing nearly everyone who plays this scenario. But now I would like to start a new game with a new opponent from scratch. Happy to play either side, and I'm generally good for a turn a day. My only...