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    I think I did Too Good a Job

    My youngest son (14) decided this week he wants to learn ASL. Okay. So after going over the infantry basics we played "Gavin Take". Whenever a situation came up where he had to make a choice on actions, I presented him with the available options and let him choose what to do. He beat me in his...

    Manila HASL - Good news, Bad news

    Received an update yesterday from Perry on the status of the Manila HASL. The good news is that things have progressed and it is in position to go up for pre-sell. The bad news is it will be delayed two to three weeks as MMP is totally updating their website including the ordering process. Perry...

    File Size?

    What is the largest file that can be uploaded into a thread on the GS ASL Forums? I tried to do one earlier today of 3.25MB in size and got a message that the file was too large. Thanks for any replies.

    VASL rookie question on maps

    Just getting started in VASL. I see the list of boards and a couple HASL maps on the VASL website. How does one go about accessing the other HASL maps to play on in VASL? Do you create a folder on your computer and store them there? Are they in a download file somewhere? Like I said, a VASL...

    Missing Axis CVP Totals Box

    Just starting to learn the do's and don'ts of VASL, so bear with me. The other day I clicked on the Casualties Box to see what the totals were in my practice game. When I was done I wanted to start a new game and clicked on the Axis Totals little box to clear it.....learned that is not what you...

    Any Mesa, Arizona area players?

    Looking to add some additional players to our monthly Desert Warfare ASL Group in Mesa. A couple guys have moved away so we need to find replacements. If you live in the Mesa - Tempe - Gilbert Arizona vicinity and are available one Saturday a month to play we would love to have you join our...

    Kursk - could the outcome have been different?

    Re-reading an interesting book on the Kursk battle. Some thought-provoking viewpoints are put forth, and some age-old excuses are debunked. With that said....could the Germans have won a tactical, or even a strategic victory at Kursk? The author cites and puts forth reasons and the excuses used...

    The "missing" red "L".

    Sorry if this has been addressed previously. I did a quick scan on the forums and got ho hits on this topic. I was going through Chapter C to refresh my memory on some of the rules. In C13.1 it states that all of the C3 TH modifiers that apply to LATW's are listed on the C3 TH Table with a "red...

    Steve Swann okay?

    I was wondering if anyone has had communication with Steve Swann lately? I sent him an email and a PM about six weeks ago but heard nothing back. I know he has had some health issues the past few years and was getting concerned that I have not even seen a post by him in some time. Any news...

    A very sad day in music

    It was so sad to hear of Phil Everly's passing this past week. He and Don Everly changed pop music forever back in the 50's and 60's. Even John Lennon, Paul MacCartney, and George Harrison said that the Everly Brothers' music greatly influenced a lot of their writings. I am glad I have a DVD...


    > > Rule:G1.612 > > Question:Taking the wording of this rule verbatum....if a Japanese unit places a DC in the normal manner in its own hex, the DC will only attack enemy/Melee units, terrain and fortifications. No mention is made of this DC attack affecting the placing Japanese unit in any...