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  1. GeorgeBates

    AP123, "Busting In Balta," the Gun (SSR2)

    Sent to Perry: The first sentence of the SSR permits, “direct fire with all To Hit (C3.3) calculations made as if the shot originated from the Observer’s hex…” The second sentence begins, “The howitzer sets up offboard but LOS and range are determined as if at Level 3 in a north-edge hex...
  2. GeorgeBates

    What a Tallboy looks like when it goes off

    World War II-Era ‘Earthquake Bomb’ Explodes in Polish Waters No divers were hurt, but certainly couldn't have been fun for any nearby fish. The article incorrectly identifies Lützow as the target of the bomb, but since she was sold to the Soviets in 1940, it is likely the author meant Admiral...
  3. GeorgeBates

    Q&A - AP123, Busting In Balta: the Gun

    Submitted to Perry yesterday: The first sentence of the SSR permits, “direct fire with all To Hit (C3.3) calculations made as if the shot originated from the Observer’s hex…” The second sentence begins, “The howitzer sets up offboard but LOS and range are determined as if at Level 3 in a...
  4. GeorgeBates

    Help - trace this photo!

    Please assist in determining the location and date of this photograph. Grateful for any tips on sources and provenance. Cheers! - G
  5. GeorgeBates

    A few quiet words...

    In the bigger scheme of these strange times our doings in this forum don't amount to much. However, it is time to speak up. My first attempt to express concern in the form of some lighthearted ribbing apparently did not land (but thanks for the likes, guys). Perhaps this message won't either...
  6. GeorgeBates

    Empty ASL boxes to a good home

    Cross-posting from here in case this may have escaped the notice of some ASL players who do not view the entirety of GameSquad. All that beautiful box art is dumpster-bound in twenty days.
  7. GeorgeBates

    letters from Italy

    Some sober thoughts courtesy of soldiers in the 10th Mountain Division.
  8. GeorgeBates

    Lock your rooms!

    "pjh" has just deleted a turn's worth of play. Protect yourselves, people. Cheers! -G
  9. GeorgeBates

    Frequently Overlooked Rules Department - G17.4, Napalm

    So you're a US player in a scenario Aug '44 or later (or British/Commonwealth Apr '45 onwards) and you have a bomb-laden (not HE-only) FB. Maybe you want to improve your Sighting TC, maybe you'd like to start a fire in your opponent's backfield, maybe you'd like some billowing smoke there...
  10. GeorgeBates

    Please help identify this officer

    Friends, I am searching for more biographical details for Major R. Anderson of the British Indian Army, who served in Malaya in 1941 - 1942 with III Indian Corps. In mid-January he was liaison officer between the Corps and Westforce HQ, the organization within Malaya Command responsible for...
  11. GeorgeBates

    Hero of Telemark
  12. GeorgeBates

    Desperately seeking Pablo

    Pablo Garcia Silva, you should have received an e-mail reply from me. Your friends are a bit concerned they are not seeing you on Skype or FaceBook. Keep in touch! Cheers! -G
  13. GeorgeBates

    ASL in Chengdu, Sichuan, China - 20 & 21 April 2019

    Friends, Richard WANG Zhen has just shared a treat with us here in Asia-Pacific: He is planning a tournament in his hometown next spring. Attaching a draft of his announcement. Will get a PDF up as soon as one is available. Richard is one of the kindest souls I've ever met. I know he'll...
  14. GeorgeBates

    The World Cup leaves Stalingrad

    Worth a read.
  15. GeorgeBates

    Paging Chris Doary, he of Battleschool fame

    Mr. Chris Doary, please pick up the white courtesy phone... Chris and I have been in touch regarding a time-sensitive matter, but have lost touch in the past week. If any of our mutual friends in North America can put us in touch, please PM me/notify him. TIA. Cheers! - G
  16. GeorgeBates

    Is AREA defunct?

    I just looked at the AREA page. It appears it has not been updated for nearly a year. Sent Bruno a note asking about his status. Anyone here have an update? I hope he has not given up!
  17. GeorgeBates

    Tokyo ASL Tournament - Saturday, 14 July 2018

    Greetings, Friends. We have overcome numerous fits and starts to get this event off the ground, albeit at a reduced scale. Date is Saturday, 14 July, 09:00 - 21:00 (this is the first day of a three-day weekend in Japan; there will be friendly gaming on Sunday and Monday) Location is Meeting...
  18. GeorgeBates

    German entry in scenario 192, "Shoot-N-Scoot"

    -------- Original message -------- Date: 5/14/18 12:18 AM (GMT-05:00) To: asl_qa att multimanpublishing dott com Subject: German entry in 192, "Shoot-N-Scoot" The German OB instructions reads "... enter on Turn 1 along the east edge, each unit having already expended 1/2 (FRU) of its MF/MP...
  19. GeorgeBates

    German entry in 192, "Shoot-N-Scoot"

    His royal badness, Ivan "The Terrible" Kent and I are off to a jaw-dropping start after one of his Mark V's caught an APCR round under the mantlet and burned on entry. We found ourselves a bit baffled as to how his infantry should come on board, however. The OB reads, "... enter on Turn 1...