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  1. Juan SantaX

    Japanese Riders

    Another silly one... It sounds weird to me A Japanese Rider squad that just pins must bail out, but if it fails a MC, dont have to bail out. Its that right?
  2. Juan SantaX

    Rear Machine Gun

    An AFV only has a RMG. Can use it in CC ? Or it must be added to another MG to use it? I look at the wording of A11.62, and I think I played that badly....
  3. Juan SantaX

    Air support

    Hi all: ASL 248 SSR: The Siamese receive Air Support (E7) in the form of a 39´FB without bombs, which arrive automatically on Turn 4 Do the Siamese roll for Air support on turns 2 and 3? (E7.2) I think so, but nort sure... TIA
  4. Juan SantaX

    Platoon movement

    What happens when you have just one radioless AFV entering on turn 1? I cant find anything on the rules, but I remember some SSR that cope with that. Its ASL 248, SIAM SAMBAL
  5. Juan SantaX


    I don´t understand the sM rule... An AFV that has moved to a new hex but has spent a MF to stop, is a moving/stopped AFV, right? Why does it get the +2 DRM using the sM? (C.8, D2.13 and D13.32) "...A moving/Non-Stopped (C.8) AFV must add a +2 DRM to its sM Usage DR. ..."
  6. Juan SantaX


    Can somebody explain this rule and the Q&A to me please? I think I remember a discussion on this same topic, but I cannot find it now. 10.62 DESPERATION MORALE (DM): DM is a condition which afflicts any unit during the Player Turn it breaks (even if it breaks voluntarily) or any already broken...
  7. Juan SantaX

    VCA change

    Can a SU 76 in bypass, NT AFV change its CA inthe Adv Fire phase? D3.12
  8. Juan SantaX


    I read A12.34: 12.34 HIDDEN GUNS: An Emplaced (C11.2) non-vehicular Gun and its manning crew [EXC: if possessing a non-inherent SW] may always use HIP if it sets up (i.e., starts the scenario) in Concealment Terrain, even if in the LOS of an enemy unit. An Emplaced Gun may also always use HIP...
  9. Juan SantaX

    Japanese vehicular crew

    Are the japanese vehicular crews stealthy? They aren’t elite or first line, but I‘m not very sure of how to translate the first sentence of G1.6 TIA
  10. Juan SantaX

    Snake eyes in CC

    I´m not 100% sure if we played this right, and maybe you can give us a bit of light German turn Russian 447 vs 2x467. There is no ambush, 2-1 for the germans and 1-1 for the russian against one squad The germans rolled a 5, thats a kill. The russian rolls a 2----> That means that he had to...
  11. Juan SantaX

    Final Fire vs paratroopers

    Hi all! Learning the paradrops rules, and I don´t know how it works: 9.43 FINAL FIRE: After all landing DR have been resolved, paratroops are subject to Final Fire using normal LOS and fire rules vs ground targets. Are the paratroopers subject to FFNAM/FFMO? Do they get the TEM of...
  12. Juan SantaX

    Looking for VASL opponent

    Hi all !! Starting on the 9th of december I will have a LOT of free time. As we are here in Spain on a "Soft lockdown with curfew" I cannot leave my hometown or do the things we used to do in holydays.... I can improve my culinary skills, take long walks with my dog or even clip and organize...
  13. Juan SantaX


    I dont know where to ask this.... I read , long long ago, I think it was in a General, an article that gave the basic probabilities to do something with your fire... ei, chance of pinning/breaking a 8 moral unit with a 12 IFT. Where can I find that? Im just dreaming and there is nothing like...
  14. Juan SantaX

    Wadis and CT Soviet AFV

    No, the -1 does not apply to Russian AFV in wadi. ....Perry MMP
  15. Juan SantaX

    LOS tool and gullies/wadis

    If I use the LoS tool from a crest counter at a gullie or from a Wadi with a tank in HD, the LoS tool draws the LoS as if the unit was IN the depresion.... Is there any way to tell the LoS tool that I want to trace from the crest/Wadi HD?
  16. Juan SantaX

    Wadis and Russian vehicles

    An SSR says all gullies are wadis... Does F5.427 kicks in? I think yes, but the wording of the rule keeps me guessing... Thx in advance
  17. Juan SantaX

    OBA Flow chart

    I think I have missed something for long.... I really don´t know the OBA rules, just follow by the letter the chart In the OBA flow chart, when I place an AR I have to draw another (hopefully black) chit "If there are enemy units in or adjacent to the AR hex, are all of them unknow to the...
  18. Juan SantaX

    Pillbox and Close combat

    Another silly question... There is a friendly unit inside a pillbox and there is a CC outside the pillbox between a friendly one and two enemys. As I read B30.6 the enemys cannot attack the unit inside the pillbox. Can the unit inside the pillbox attack the enemy in meele outside the pillbox...
  19. Juan SantaX

    Entry hex

    Hi all. Anoher silly question. I read A2.51, but dont know how it works if the first hex entered is a level 1 hill. How many MF do the offboard infantry pay to get into the board, one or two MF? And if its a level 1 wooded hill? two or four? Thx in advance
  20. Juan SantaX

    CC DRM vs AFV

    Hi all Another silly question that makes me think.... "There is a +1 DRM to the CC DR for every unbroken, unpinned, and armed [errata included] enemy HS/crew Personnel counter (+2 for each such squad) in the CC Location (and not in the act of Withdrawal) at the time of each attack unless they...