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    Hidden Gem Scenarios

    I have fond memories of playing O58.1 "the Furher's Firemen with Gord Reid circa 1988 or 1989. A true monster scenario that was fun. Are OAF scenarios available for download anywhere?
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    Illuminating Rounds 43: When I Call Roll

    T34 has fantastic tank combat scenes but a plot that is beyond ludicrous. It is interesting technically but ridiculous historically. Fury has the same issues. I concur with "A Bridge Too Far". How can you not include "The Longest Day"! The first thirty minutes of "Saving Private Ryan"...
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    What next?

    I reviewed the KBR rules carefully. You do not need RF to play KBR. You only need the rulebook. KBRs rules cover all required terrain. Pittman's statement in his review is incorrect. Buy KBR. Its fun.
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    Red Army Shtraftbat TOE

    Check out this book:
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    What next?

    I do not believe that to be true. KBR has rules for gutted buildings (introduced in VotG), debris (introduced in RB) etc. I have just reviewed the KBR rules and I don't see any references to anything other than the rule book. KBR is similar to yet different from RB. The firepower and...
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    King of the Monster Scenarios?

    The Ottawa ASL guys did. I played for 1 day. See Doug's AAR with photos.
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    German pioneer company/squad TOE organization

    Occasionally the Germans would create assault groups with extra automatic weapons. The 838 should be reserved for those cases. The KStns indicate a lot of lmgs in the pioneer units. 548s with lots of lmgs would be the way to depict them in ASL
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    #42: The Lock of Colmar

    I don't have the scenario, so is there any restriction on setting up German AFVs on the big hill? That rubble hex on the hill would be an excellent spot for the panther or two 5/8th concealment counters.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Just ordered The Steelworks from LCP
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    #41 J170 Red Churchills

    Good episode guys. And now for the peanut gallery: The number one thing that helps with a bridge crossing scenario is SMOKE. This scenario will be pro-Finn if the Russian forgets about smoke The ISU122 has s8 (s9 because of guards status). If you take the option with the gun it also has s8...
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    #41 J170 Red Churchills

    It showed up in my youtube feed yesterday so I watched it. I wonder why they don't post it here right away?
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    #40: (Live) Black Day in Hatten

    The numbers say this is the wisest course: 1st shot has WP10 by SSR and then it is WP7. base TH=7 +2 for smoke =9. If you fire at an unoccupied hex the TH DRM is +1 for LV. Success on a DR<=8 If you fire at a concealed German stack the TH DRM is +1 for LV +2 concealed. Success on a DR of...
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    #40: (Live) Black Day in Hatten

    I watched a bit. I have to ask: what were you thinking taking a bounding fire shot with the TD on turn 1? +6 TH at 7 to 12 range means greater chance of something bad happening to you than Martin. Neither of you seem to like half squads much. The 546s are begging to be deployed and...
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    Have You Ever (v2)

    Note that a dummy stack can not pretend to be a unit that requires a DR to move. There is an old Perry Sez that forbids fake rolls. This means that a 5/8ths stack can't pretend to be a panther and move because it can't do the start roll. 5/8ths dummies can not represent red MP and/or radioless...
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    J102 The Yelnya Bridge - AAR

    Nice AAR. I like all of the ones of yours that you have posted. Why give the MTR to a conscript? Its a key weapon in this scenario and I would not want to take the risk of higher breakdown numbers.
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    Have You Ever...

    You are assuming that every PF was shot at a tank in that analysis.
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    What are MMP's other games like please?

    Depends on the game. Smaller games maybe. Bigger ones like GBII or CB are more like read a book, watch a football game. The non phasing player has to be around for hip shoots, overruns and interceptions but can't actually do much. it is much worse when the other guy takes a double turn...
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    RH4 and RH5

    The way you have written the VC the Finns need to create 15 to 18 consecutive hexrows with NO Russian MMC/tanks and at least one Finnish MMC in each hexrow.
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    RH4 and RH5

    The VC for RH4 need to be re-written. "Vertical hexrow" is not a defined ASL term. Also note that the Finns can almost never win with the current text. They need 15 to 18 MMC spread out to meet VC at game end. They start with 10 to 13 squads (20 to 26 MMC if fully deployed). The Russians...