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  1. Corporal Kindel

    Red Army Shtraftbat TOE

    Hello: I've been websurfing again & stumbled upon this ... .. Soviet "Penal troops." So these would probably be represented by 426 conscripts (though I could be wrong?). However, the search for any kind of TOE below the company level is coming up...
  2. Corporal Kindel

    German pioneer company/squad TOE organization

    I was web surfing for the hell of it and came across this ... ... I've always been under the impression that German Pioneers were SMG heavy (aka. the 838 squad, similar to Russian SMG squads). But, according to the referenced post (not sure...
  3. Corporal Kindel

    Rare & OOP ASL gear posted on eBay ending sunday 5/13/18

    Hello Everyone: Haven't been to this site in quite some time! I am trying to raise some cash & so am I am, regrettably, letting some of my very rare OOP TPP ASL gear go. Some of the items are: the three early Waffen SS packs from HOB, HOB Tarawa module (the original version), HOB King of the...
  4. Corporal Kindel

    Stars in shadow new 4x strategy game

    Hello fellow gamers: I recently purchased this 4x space strategy game (similar to masters of orion). It's been out a little less than a year & I love it! I created my very first gameplay & tutorial video using OBS (open broadcasting software) & adobe premiere pro to edit. I'm playing hard with...
  5. Corporal Kindel

    Family fantasy football league, questions

    People in my family are huge sports fans. I recently was invited to participate in the upcoming season (2013/2014); The draft is to start around august IIRC. There's 10 people in this league including my brother, 3 nephews, 1 niece, a few other people who are friends of my nephews. In this...
  6. Corporal Kindel

    C'mon Ladies, one pound fish, hava hava look, one pound fish !

    Just saw this on CNN, cracked me up :laugh:
  7. Corporal Kindel

    Star Trek 2: Into the Darkness :thumup:

    Star Trek 2, Into the Darkness comes out may 17, 2013 :thumup: .... can't wait
  8. Corporal Kindel

    How many of you can't wait for TWD second half season 3?

    How many of you ASLrs can't wait for the second half of The Walking Dead season 3? And what's your 3 favorite tv shows? Me: I love flesh eating zombies, have ever since I was a kid. My favorite tv shows: I love TWD (AMC), Spartacus (on starz), and The Big Bang Theory...