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    Can you have higher than 10 morale

    Situation. Playing VoTG and I have a 10-0 commissar in a Fanatic Strongpoint. Would the commissar receive the Fanatic bonus bringing his base ML to 11? I can't find any mention of a ceiling for Morale, except that commissars cannot affect the ML of 10 ML troops. A25.221 "An unpinned...
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    VOTG - SASL CGIV - Take 2 (AAR)

    Given the recent discussion on the other CGIV SASL thread about the Germans having too easy of a go, I'm going to retry this campaign as the Germans with some implementations: at the beginning of ea RU RPh (after the standard Wind Change/RE roll) make a DR, provided no RE is received that turn...
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    Am I doing Starshells correctly?

    Playing SASL VOTG, on 20 Sept 1942, and the Russians are doing a nighttime counter-attack. NVR is 2 (Overcast/half-moon) with Clear Weather. First Turn is in progress, with two RU units conducting some prep-fire in other locations. It is now the 1st Turn RU MPh, and the first action is the...
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    1-50 chit generator

    I remember there being a 1-50 chit generator for the older versions of VASL. Is there anything like this (or does the old one still work, if so please provide a link) for VASL 6.6.1?
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    What are my Routing options?

    Playing SASL VoTG, and I encountered the following situation in the RU Turn 1. It's the RtPh and the RU have finished there part of the phase and its now the GE turn. I have two sets of broken GE units, and they have a RU 120mm+ OBA landing on/behind them. Case 1: In Z1 I have a broken 9-1...
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    What are the odds ratio?

    SASL VOTG night rules (overcast w/ half-moon, NVR=2), ambush drm are -3 for RU (stealthy, concealed) and +0 for GE (lax, PANIC, concealed, leadership (or would this not count because of the PANIC?); RU gains ambush (RU:2 GE 5). I'm thinking the RU would choose H-to-H at 1-2 odds, but not sure...
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    Gonna try and play through the big campaign using Tom Morin's VOTG SASL rules. For my plan of attack I see three lines of advance. The north battlegroup will attempt to push towards the river and cut off the north edge of the mapsheet. The centre battlegroup will bypass the Railway Station to...
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    VPO Location for Boards 48-51

    Wondering if anyone has seen or come across VPO locations for the boards that came with Armies of Oblivion. I have blank values on table A10a VPO Determination.
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    A Coy/Royal Canadian Regiment/1st Canadian Brigade SASL Campaign 10 Jul - 28 Dec 1943

    A Coy/Royal Canadian Regiment HSASL Campaign – Jul to Dec 1943 Introduction This campaign will follow the 1st Company (Alpha Coy) of the Royal Canadian Regiment – also known as ‘the RCR’ or ‘the Royals’ – (as part of the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade) in its campaign from Sicily to Ortona...
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    194th Infanterie-Regimenter/71st Infanterie-Divisionen SASL Campaign May 40 - May 1945

    194th Infanterie-Regiment/71st Infanterie-Division SASL Campaign May 40 - Jan 43 I'm going to start submitting the historical SASL campaigns I'm working on for you guys to try out. Let me know what you think. First up, the travails of the 194th IR/71st ID as it campaigns through France in '40...