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  1. WuWei

    Shuffling around prisoners during MPh

    One of my guards wants to move on without the prisoners. There are other units nearby, but unfortunately, not in the same location at the beginning of the turn. How would the following situations be resolved: The guard abandons the prisoners in its MPh. Later in the MPh, another one of my...
  2. WuWei

    Guns: Concealment instead of HIP during setup allowed? I want them to pose as concealed tanks.

    During setup, can I place a gun that would otherwise be allowed to HIP on board under a "?" and keep the crew HIP? I could use a few more 5/8" "??" to obfuscate the position of my tanks.
  3. WuWei

    LOS and hindrance around EmRR

    A railroad track, EmRR, crosses a grain field (in season). A has LOS to D. But is the grain hindrance? I think it is, but I'm not sure. Does B have LOS to E, to F? Does C have LOS to E, to F?
  4. WuWei

    CONSCRIPTS! 2021: 24th-26th of September; Bad Staffelstein, Germany

    We did it in 2018 & 2019. We had to go virtual in 2020. But hopefully, we will meet once again in person in 2021: The fourth CONSCRIPTS! tournament will take place from 24th to 26th September 2021 in Nedensdorf, Germany (Franconia, between Coburg and Bamberg). Small, casual player friendly...
  5. WuWei

    Is detonating a Set DC an "attack"?

    I have a Set DC on a bridge. My opponent drives an AFV (armed, armored) into Bypass of the building the unit with detonator is in (six hexes away and in LOS of the DC). Can I still blow up the bridge? A7.212: "A unit does not have the freedom to attack units in other Locations while its own...
  6. WuWei

    Unarmed units for Victory Points

    Scenario 236 In Rommel's Wake has the following VC: "... the Germans win at the end of any Game Turn by having >=12 VP (calculated as Exit VP) [EXC...] south of the river..." Does an unarmed unit (escaped prisoners, swimmers emerging from the water) count for Exit VP?
  7. WuWei

    Ersatz VASLeague 2021

    The registration for the Ersatz VASLeague 2021 is now open: Join in! Players from last year (with less than two forfeits) are automatically registered and should have received an email about that recently. What is the Ersatz VASLeague? The Ersatz VASLeague is an individual ASL tournament...
  8. WuWei

    The future of the Ersatz VASLeague

    Now that the official part of the Ersatz VASLeague 2020 is over, it's time to think about the future. I'm willing to organize a VASLeague 2021, but what should it be like? My plan so far is to stick with the general format, but I'm unsure about the number and duration of rounds. This year, the...
  9. WuWei

    RB map - large white center dot?

    On the RB map, there are single-hex buildings with large white center dots, for example DD41. I seem to remember that this means the building has an upper floor, but I can't find the reference in the rules. Where is the large white center dot explained?
  10. WuWei

    Scenario Defender definition

    No. ....Perry
  11. WuWei

    Move/Advance: ?? vs. ??

    I just want to get my head straight and check if I got the rules right: Imagine the following situations from the DEFENDER's perspective: 1a) I have concealed/HIP MMC(s) in a location. During the MPh, an enemy ?? or cloaking counter tries to move into this location. I ask the ATTACKER to...
  12. WuWei

    CC, Ambush, Concealment, broken unit

    Just checking if we played this right. Somewhere in Stalingrad: A concealed, stealthy Russian 447 advanced into a Factory hex with a concealed German 8-1 and a (unconcealed) broken 547. There's an Ambush roll. The Russians get -2 (concealment) and -1 (stealthy) so -3. The Germans get -1 (leader...
  13. WuWei

    Vehicle enters location with 5/8"-??. When is Concealment lost?

    A vehicle (armed, armored, BU, fully tracked) enters a location (no bypass) that already contains an enemy stack of concealed 5/8" counters - it's a Dummy stack - and ends its MPh there. What happens? When is concealment lost, if at all? My take: The Dummy stack has to take a PAATC (D12.41). If...
  14. WuWei

    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    I'm making contingency plans for the case our esteemed VASLeague tournament director Enrico should stay MIA. If you want to participate in the Ersatz VASLeague 2020, you can register here: This league will ONLY happen if the real VASLeague doesn't take place...
  15. WuWei

    RB6 - Turned Away

    AAR RB6 Turned Away Stalingrad, 15 November 1942: I play the German attacker and have to conquer the HQ building of a cut off Russian portion of the city. The problem is: I don't know where it is! There are three possible locations. And: In the HQ are 1.5 HIP squads of elite 6-2-8s with a 9-2...
  16. WuWei

    How to win Sand and Blood (the Gavutu-Tanambogo campaign) as the American?

    We started the first Assault Period three times, with different approaches, but the result was always similar: The American attacker loses some LCs on the way to the beach. They are unarmored, so that can't be avoided. They lose most of the passengers of a bunch of other LCs the turn they set...
  17. WuWei

    Rout into a Cave Complex?

    A DM Japanese unit routs into a cave that is connected to a Cave-Complex. Can it continue to rout into that Cave-Complex?
  18. WuWei

    Terrain Chart Generator V2.51

    There's a new version of the Terrain Chart Generator: The new version includes Korean terrain. While already touching the code, I also fixed the issue with some special characters that made problems when using the generated html code in VASL. Sorry...
  19. WuWei

    LOS from caves to lower level (G11.5)

    Situation:Without counters: Is there a LOS from the units in the cave L21/3152 to J22/3127? G11.5: "LOS to/from a cave is traced to/from the cave hex's center dot and the cave's level, but can exist only if traced entirely within that cave's CA. ... Barring other LOS obstructions, LOS may be...
  20. WuWei

    A19.3 Are unarmed units Inexperienced for Capture purpose

    "19.3 Inexperienced Personnel Restrictions: A Green MMC stacked with an unbroken leader is exempt from the restrictive rules of Inexperienced Personnel, which always apply to Conscripts/Unarmed-units regardless of leader presence." I infer from that paragraph that Unarmed units are considered...