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  1. DWPetros

    Geoboards - Boards 1,2,3,4 - 'Look Alike boards'

    An idea. Given the frequency of usage of Boards 1-4, the idea is for MMP to produce new versions ('Z') of those boards. The idea would allow players to substitute those Look-alike boards for the original boards in existing published (and future) scenarios. The reason for this - those same...
  2. DWPetros

    Bridges - free graphics

    Guys, I've attached some somewhat useful PDF of 'underlays' of Bridges that I made for myself, but thought some of you guys might want to cut and paste for yourself. I made them (and several other such things) for my own use - noticing that the normal Bridge counters, while functional, just...
  3. DWPetros

    Historical - geomaps

    I've been thinking a lot about preparing 'historical geoboard' ideas and am soliciting feedback along that line. We already have a few of such geoboards; some fairly recent ones were designed with actual historical terrain in mind (the latest Fort board). The general concept - a battlefield...
  4. DWPetros

    HASL - geoboards

    Maybe this has been discussed, but not as much as it could. HASL theme / standard size geoboards. A 'hybrid' board. Here's the idea: The idea in is to prepare HASL/geoboards which have as their main terrain theme the location of a historical battle; a village, part of a city, or hill...
  5. DWPetros

    Fighter-bombers / Sniper rules

    I have an interest in designing new Fighter-bomber rules that are more abstract than the current set of rules. The ASL rules regarding FBs seem off-base for a number of reasons already discussed here. My question - has anyone already designed FB abstract rules that resemble Sniper rules...
  6. DWPetros

    Kakazu Ridge - HASL

    All, There's discussion elsewhere on Gamesquad about our lacking a PTO HASL. I would agree. I'm very interested in helping to prepare a HASL based on the existing Kakazu Ridge map and SSR already prepared in Journal 2. KR has some great scenarios already, and was originally intended to also...
  7. DWPetros

    Geoboards - ideas wanted

    I've been sketching several new geoboard ideas and am asking - what ideas do you think would add value to our current mix of boards? I'd rather not get into the discussion of whether we need more boards - I've already concluded that we do and this post isn't designed to argue that point...
  8. DWPetros

    Mortain - is Pete Pollard in the house?

    Wondering if Pete Pollard, designer of MORTAIN: THWARTING A BREAKTHROUGH is around? If so, could someone PM me?