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  1. Bob Walters

    This Week CH Annual #5 is supposed to ship!

    I am looking forward to receiving CH Annual #5. According to the Friday Emailer, it should be much larger than originally advertised. Hopefully, it will come before Christmas.
  2. Bob Walters

    Map LFT 1

    I remember a few months ago Xavier mentioned the possibility of making the beach map LFT1 available again. Is there any information available about that? I realize you guys don't make a heck of a lot of money on something like that but it would be worth it to me. Or perhaps do you have a copy...
  3. Bob Walters

    From The Cellar 8

    I wanted to express my appreciation for the article on the Free French in FTC 8. I have always felt there have been felt that the Free French have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to ASL. I would love to see a complete set pack or maybe even a magazine devoted to the Free...
  4. Bob Walters

    Maps for God Save the King

    Having acquired a mostly complete copy of HoB's God Save the King (save for the map) I am wondering if any of the maps from the Arnhem games from other publishers cover the same area? Obviously MMPs A Bridge Too Far is out as it is even more rare and expensive but CH makes something like a half...
  5. Bob Walters

    CH Desert Scenario Packs?

    About the only TTP that does anything with the desert in WW2 is Critical Hit. I have also heard that their scenarios are not very good. Has anyone used any of their desert stuff? They range from fairly large to rather small are any of them worth buy for just the scenarios?
  6. Bob Walters

    Why Not Reprint More of the Magazine HASLs?

    How about it MMP? I'd love to be able to get a copy of Primosole Bridge, Suicide Creek, or some of the others. Heck why not compile them, including the ones they printed in non-ASL magazines, into their own publication.
  7. Bob Walters

    Question About Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm

    I would like to get this module but I have read it requires the Rules from Valor of the Guards which I do not have. How necessary is owning these rules? Is there a work around? I am not worried about the other rule that it requires as I have access to those.
  8. Bob Walters

    What Weight Paper is Used for Scenario Cards, Maps, and Manual Pages

    I am not a printer and I have no idea what weight paper these are. I would like to print our the errata pages in the same weight as the manual pages but when I print them out they are considerably flimsier. Theoretically my printer will print up to 110lb paper but that does not tell me much...
  9. Bob Walters

    Here is an odd rule question

    I bought a copy of the 2nd edition rulebook used. After receiving it I found it lacked chapter E and the part of H that was included with the 2nd edition. My question is how much different is the 1st edition of chapter E from the 2nd edition and the same for the first part of chapter H? Can...
  10. Bob Walters

    French Counters Shipped

    I just checked and my order of the French Nationality Set #9 has shipped today.
  11. Bob Walters

    Has Anyone Mounting Maps on Self Adhesive Cardboard?

    I was thinking about the problems of using mounted and unmounted maps together. It occurs to me that attaching the cardstock maps to self adhesive cardboard of the right thickness might work and I was wondering if anyone has tried it.
  12. Bob Walters

    Are All ASL Binders the Same Size

    I am finding my binder is getting too small for the number of pages. It is an early first edition binder are the later ones thicker by any chance?
  13. Bob Walters

    So Anyone Got Any Good Deals from eBay Lately?

    Since so much ASL stuff if out of print I thought an eBay topic might be interesting. Last night I was able to get a copy of West of Alamein for $93.00. I did not think that was too bad but admittedly it is missing five inconsequential counters and a box. By the same token I was out bid on a...
  14. Bob Walters

    Has Anyone Bought Counter Attacks 2?

    I am curious as to the counter mix. I am interested in Minor powers AFVs. I can tell it has Hungarian but I wonder if there are any others. Does anyone know? I doubt we will see AoO and DB anytime in the near (maybe far) future.
  15. Bob Walters

    OK so ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 is back what else is coming.

    ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 is back in print can you tell us what else is coming?