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  1. hayman

    AFV CMG & acquisition

    If my AFV (with B11 MA) moves in the Movement Phase, can I fire the CMG in the AdvFire Phase (at half FP) to place a -1 Acq counter (1/2") for the MA for the following turn's DefFire Phase?
  2. hayman

    Armoured Assault and Delay MP's

    I have Russian AFV with 9 Red MP's (KV-2's) who wish to use Armoured Assault with squads (in Platoon Movement). As the tanks can only go as far/fast as the foot infantry (6 Open Ground hexes in this case, as the squads are going CX); and I wish to keep the tanks In Motion at the end of their...
  3. hayman

    Gap in Wall and LOS

    Can units at ground level trace a line of sight through the gap (gate?) in a wall depiction when neither unit are in the wall hex? e.g. Board 43 M9 to R9. Note: the LOS does not run along an entire road depiction. Or does the wall block LOS regardless of the gap depiction?
  4. hayman

    Motorcycle bypass & dismount questions

    Please correct me if I’m wrong: motorcyclists use MP expenditure, therefore can use Vehicular Bypass; motorcycles cannot enter a building obstacle; it costs 1 MF (1/4 MPs) to dismount a motorcycle. Can I move a motorcycle squad, that has already used 1/2 its MPs during the Movement Phase...
  5. hayman

    Jitter Fire producers

    Hi all, Could anyone tell me who produced 'Jitter Fire' back at the turn-of-the-century. Was it a fanzine or Club publication? There were scenarios released in most issues, so I'm guessing there was article content as well. Thanks, hayman.
  6. hayman

    Calling Nigel Hickman

    Just wondering if Nigel is a member of the forum. I would like to know the origin of his scenario design NJ4 Michelin Impassable from years ago.
  7. hayman

    Disrupted units in melee

    A melee hex has a conscript Axis Minor squad vs a conscript Soviet half squad. In the Soviets Def Fire on the hex resulting in a 2 MC that both units fail by more than their ELRs. Both become Disrupted in the melee hex. Neither can Rout away. In the current Axis Minor CC Phase, is the Axis...
  8. hayman

    RBF-19 Wagon MPs

    Hi all, the scenario card for Recon by Fire 19 “Romanian Marina” shows the wagons for the Soviets as having 6 MP, but the corresponding counter has 8 MPs. Can anyone clarify the correct MP amount? I’ve already looked for errata for this scenario, but can’t find any. Thanks in advance.
  9. hayman

    OBA SR & Smoke height.

    I’m pretty sure that I’m right, just double checking with the knowledgeable ones: Assuming base level is a Ground level location, then; a Spotting Round or FFE is ‘3 levels’ high i.e. rising from ground level location & through the next two higher location levels. Smoke (non- WP) is ‘2 levels’...
  10. hayman

    Upper level encirclement

    I’m interested in the ‘timing’ of ULE. I have a Russian stack at ground level in the only stairwell hex of a multi-story building. In Def Fire, they break a German MMG squad (but not the leader) ADJACENT in the 1st Level stairwell (sorry no pic supplied). Are the German units now immediately...
  11. hayman

    DefFire SW Counters

    Could anyone direct me to the MMP/TPP module that produced SW Defensive Fire counters? (as opposed to the standard DefFire counters).
  12. hayman

    LFT's Seoul scenarios

    Hi people, Special request to those (Korea-phile) players that have purchased the recent Le France Tireur module: Could you please post AAR's with pics in the AAR section, if possible. Thanks in advance...
  13. hayman

    PTO Starter kit maps

    Does anyone from MMP know when the m, n & o boards will be available for sale separately?
  14. hayman

    The Citadel clarification

    I’m about to set up scenario 10 The Citadel (1st edition): the second SSR states “Only building 20H3 is a level 2.5 building. All other buildings are considered level 1 or 1.5 obstacles to LOS with one or two levels as normally defined and with an inherent stairwell in each hex”. I take the...
  15. hayman

    PrepFire Smoke & MMG fire.

    Can an AFV that fires Smoke at the start of its PrepFire phase (& thereby exhaust its ordinance RoF), also fire its MMG armament elsewhere in the same phase? I’m inclined to say ‘Yes’.
  16. hayman

    Spanish Civil War counters

    I'm soliciting advice: I'm attempting to generate Spanish Civil War 'sides' using the currently available counter mix. I'm looking at using browns vs greens: the Russian & British counters representing the Republicans (Spanish loyalists, Militias & Int. Brigades) versus...
  17. hayman

    J55 Matsumoto's Charge

    J55 – Matsumoto’s Charge A five turn scenario in ASL Journal # 3 that pits a platoon of U.S. Marauders, defending the village & the eastern hill, against two platoons of attacking Japanese (from the west). The Americans have a Nisei hero (Matsumoto) that can enforce a 2TC roll on any...
  18. hayman

    A 117 Maggot Hill

    A117 Maggot Hill The big Nhpum Ga scenario sees the besieged Marauders defending the hilltops in the centre of the map, surrounded by Japanese attackers from two regiments. To win, the Japanese must take all 20 level 4 & 5 hill hexes in the U.S. set up area, provided the Americans don’t...
  19. hayman

    A115 Blockbusters

    Nhpum Ga Scenarios A115 Blockbusters – Japanese on the defence for the first time. I’ve reread the rules regarding: the 10% Japanese Hidden Initial Placement, detection of HIP Stealthy troops in jungle & bamboo terrain, and White Phosphorus grenades. The U.S...
  20. hayman

    A115 The Waterhole

    Nhpum Ga Scenarios A118 - The Waterhole – A simple mission: the Japanese must control the waterhole hex at Game End. The bulk of the U.S. at-start force sets up south of the gully (the American right flank) so as to link up with the Turn 3 reinforcements to...