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    TCASL 4/10/21-- ANZACs (COVID-19 Edition)

    As opposed to a “longneck” 750 mls!
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    The dates for ASO 2021 will be AUGUST 13-15. With optional friendly gaming and early arrivals on AUGUST 12th. Updated in the calendar! I’ll be there!
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    Sorry, no info here. Currently not even Danes who own summerhouses in Sweden are allowed into Sweden, but by June I hope the situation will be very different.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I played this recently as the Italians and steamrolled the Greeks. One of the problems is that the guns basically have to set up on the hill, which means that hitting anything is difficult. Red TH numbers, short barrel, double small moving targets if firing at the tanks... ‘Good luck’ I say! So...
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    ASL Bell Tolls

    Here in Copenhagen we lost American/Danish William Hansen a few years ago. Sorely missed, not least for his hyper-aggressive playing style (win or lose you were always finished early!) and running commentary on the game, politics, jazz music and life. Fortunately we have had some success...
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    #36: TuomoFest II

    Played this yesterday with a similarly skilled player using the German balance (remove a Stuart). I played very aggressively and by the end of Russian turn 5 the writing was on the wall for the Russians, with only 2 Russian AFVs left, both immobilized by Deliberate Immob shots well away from the...
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    WW2 Bazooka vs Infantry in Woods

    In his book “Quartered Safe Out Here” about his Burma experiences, the Flashman author G MacDonald Fraser talks of using a PIAT against a bunker very effectively, and against a river raft, which sunk it. New rule section maybe? 😀 Excellent book BTW.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    We’ve been buying as a group from Alex for years. Have nothing but praise for his fine service.
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    Supporting Fire 2020, November 20-22

    The VASL mini ended after three hard-fought rounds with a heavily packed victory building. Suddenly I realized one of the benefits of VASL as it would have been crazy trying to deal with so many counters!
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    Supporting Fire 2020, November 20-22

    It might take more than just wearing his discarded clothes to psyche Mel! 🤪
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    Supporting Fire 2020, November 20-22

    In addition, we are holding a VASL mini on Saturday/Sunday with scenarios from the main tournament for 3 Danes and a Swede who couldn’t make the real thing due to “the disease that may not be named” 😀
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    Hybrid tournament, FTF and VASL. Any interest in such an event.

    Back on topic, for Supporting Fire this coming weekend I was one of the Danish contingent who is not able to attend because of travel restrictions. At the same time I am a Round Director, so had already prepared three scenarios, so why not organize a Mini Tournament for four of us so we could at...
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    J183 A Real Barn Burner - AAR

    Played this twice last week, as my first attempt as the French never made it out of the woods. The Germans had packed nearly all in the woods as a wall of bodies, my Prep and HS bouncing did almost nothing, and Defensive Fire smashed the French. So a quick reset of the game, a new more...
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    ASL Superstitions

    Now that’s weird... I have a thing about the Australian Gingernut biscuits of my childhood and always take them to tournaments as well, as many of my opponents can testify! They are rock hard after being sent from Australia to Europe.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I use a plastic sheet which is repurposed from an advertisement poster protector. Very thin (about a millimeter), can be rolled for storage/transport and has a matte surface. Works great. I can see it needs a clean though!
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    I used to mostly play solo years ago, but stopped because I always had a nagging suspicion my opponent was cheating. :unsure:
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    ASL SCANDINAVIAN OPEN 2020 (February 26th - March 1st)

    Michal, that’s quite a lineup of absolutely top-class players- Pilling, Hastrup-Leth, Tournemire, Dietsch! Talk about a ‘Masterclass’ for your first tournament. And the sight of the burning orchards was amazing , pretty much half the board seemed to be either in flames or covered with smoke.
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    ASL SCANDINAVIAN OPEN 2020 (February 26th - March 1st)

    Thanks to Bo and Michael for yet another fantastic ASO. 5 great games with 5 great opponents, what more can you want from a long weekend?
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    ASL SCANDINAVIAN OPEN 2020 (February 26th - March 1st)

    Damn, there go my chances of winning a scenario! ?