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    more KBR questions

    I'm digesting the rules for this and have a few questions. B13 Cellars: do cellars exist under the pre-printed rubble of multihex buildings? Ie Z60 TM18a If a gun RG is purchased without prime movers, and none assigned, is it still subject to ammunition shortage? COWTRA implies no. TM30...
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    KBR Terrain Question

    What is the terrain in KBR V61? It kind or resembles lumberyard but doesn't match the defined lumberyard (R50). And then there is U61 which is the same terrain as V61 but with a shellhole. A shellhole can't exist in a lumberyard hex. I suppose it could also be a graveyard as AA63 is right by...
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    Ap140 and 142

    Did anyone else notice anything strange about these two scenarios? They are set in the same town, use the same board, are on consecutive days and are by the same designer . However the town rotated 90 degrees over night! The north arrow is different between the two. And the gully is a...
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    TAC 44 Lebanese Drama

    Who goes first? I assume the French but the scenario card is unclear. I didn't see any errata for this scenario in the coastal fortress translated pdf.
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    Casa Berardi: vineyard & shell hole hexes.

    How do you handle vineyard- shellholes hexes? ie G15? Whats the M and MP cost? Is it still an inherent hindrance? Some versions of the rules say shellholes remove the other terrain in the hex.
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    Olive Groves and Vehicular wall advantage

    B14.8 allows vehicles to gain wall advantage in an olive grove. To what end? WA for vehicles in olive groves seems to offer nothing. B9.36 only offers HD status to vehicles behind walls. A vehicle that claims WA in an olive grove seems to give up a +1 tem for nothing. Am I missing something?