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  1. Jason Petho

    Campaign Series Legion

    Did you know we're on Facebook? Campaign Series on Facebook Did you know we have a website? We have some articles added frequently about what we're doing and the thoughts behind it. Campaign Series Legion
  2. Jason Petho

    Campaign Series Vietnam 1948-1985

    We, the Campaign Series Legion, are planning on releasing this in October 2018. We've been working on many improvements to the game system to be appropriate for the Vietnam threatre.
  3. Jason Petho

    Campaign Series Middle East 2.01

    Pardon me, I haven't posted here in awhile! Some good news! The Campaign Series Middle East has gone through two UPDATEs since I last posted. 2.00 and 2.01. 2.00 is requires a completely new install, while 2.01 is an UPDATE for 2.00. Below is the details of the two UPDATES: Version 2.0...
  4. Jason Petho

    CSME 1.02 - AAR - Battlefields of Old (vs Greg)

    One of my regular PBEM opponents is Greg. He's a very skilled player (more so than I) and always provides some excellent feedback on the scenarios I create. This will be an overview of a PBEM battle we are currently playing. We are quite a few turns in now, so I'm not worried about sharing...
  5. Jason Petho

    Rommel in England v4.00 (aka eastbourne.scn)

    Here's the latest version of this July, 1940 Sealion related scenario. This improves the British position, giving them more of a chance in the game. Interested, you can download the attached file. [Eagle Day + 4: Eastbourne] : [Best played vs Human] : With Operation Sealion in full...
  6. Jason Petho

    Operation Sealion (aka kent_county.scn)

    For those interested there is a final version of the Sealion scenario available. If you wish to have the new version, feel free to post here or email me and I'll have it sent to you. This version is known as 'Operation Sealion (Final Version)' and will be contained in the zip entitled...
  7. Jason Petho

    DG Vietnam MOD update

    For those DG users interested: "" My updated version of Wyatt's Divided Ground Vietnam Mod (version 1.01) is now available for download from the Blitz Public FTP site, just follow the links to the mods page , it is sitting outside the folders. Hopefully it will be available from the main...