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  1. King Scott

    West Coast Melee 2021 - Cancelled

    Greetings, ASL Fans... Due to the closure of the hotel that hosts West Coast Melee, the SoCal ASL Club has made the decision to cancel the 2021 tournament that was slated to occur in February 2021. With the uncertainty surrounding when we can return to hosting in-person events, the club...
  2. King Scott

    DN2 Chasseurs at Yvoir - VC Clarification

    About to begin scenario DN2 Chasseurs at Yvoir and we are hoping to settle a clarification in the VC's. The VC's state the the Belgians "win immediately upon having >= 28 VP...of Good Order Belgian units" that make it over the river from the east to the west. The clarification needed is...
  3. King Scott

    Corregidor CGII

    Bounding Fire Productions recently released their product covering Corregidor , and my buddy Dave Coleman and I decided to play CGII. Dave and I usually meet on Sunday afternoons to play ASL, and we tend to play campaign games. We were interested in trying CG II because we both thought that it...