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  1. King Scott

    Manila on Preorder

    That's Monday on the other side of the International Date Line! :p:rofl::LOL: Semper Fi! Scott
  2. King Scott

    Nor'easter Pack II

    In case you were wondering about the Stinger. Semper Fi! Scott
  3. King Scott

    Manila HASL - Good news, Bad news

    I just placed my pre-order...already at 237 on the first day...maybe by Monday? Semper Fi! Scott
  4. King Scott

    Manila on Preorder

    When I placed my preorder, I noticed that it gave me two options for shipping...UPS 2-Day or USPS Ground...the price difference was only $0.06...I splurged and spoiled myself. :) Semper Fi! Scott
  5. King Scott

    West Coast Melee 2021 - Cancelled

    Greetings, ASL Fans... Due to the closure of the hotel that hosts West Coast Melee, the SoCal ASL Club has made the decision to cancel the 2021 tournament that was slated to occur in February 2021. With the uncertainty surrounding when we can return to hosting in-person events, the club...
  6. King Scott

    Not again! 12 on the 36 FP column!

    The memory that comes to mind is playing against Paul Simonsen in a scenario on the Red Barricades map...I was the Germans defending against Paul's Russian attack. I had a squad upstairs with a DC and Paul moved a Russian squad adjacent in the street...I thought that it would be cute to throw...
  7. King Scott


    Happy 245th, Devil Dogs. Semper Fi! Scott
  8. King Scott

    DN2 Chasseurs at Yvoir - VC Clarification

    Thank you, Gentlemen. Semper Fi! Scott
  9. King Scott

    DN2 Chasseurs at Yvoir - VC Clarification

    About to begin scenario DN2 Chasseurs at Yvoir and we are hoping to settle a clarification in the VC's. The VC's state the the Belgians "win immediately upon having >= 28 VP...of Good Order Belgian units" that make it over the river from the east to the west. The clarification needed is...
  10. King Scott

    How to order?

    I got my copies from GA a while back...perhaps they are temporarily out of stock and awaiting a resupply? Send Scott Blanton a message...he usualy answers quickly. Semper Fi! Scott
  11. King Scott

    Do cavalry drown?

    I can't believe that nobody has stated the obvious yet... Of course they can drown...thats why horses are no longer used in water polo. o_O Semper Fi! Scott
  12. King Scott

    New book on M3 Medium Tank

    We made "bazookas" for the GI Joes out of sections of copper tubing, firecrackers, and rocks...I have to say, Joe was quite the hero and he stopped many rounds with only minor powder burns to show for it. Many of them jumped onto firecrackers as well to save their buddies. Semper Fi! Scott
  13. King Scott

    Chapter H ASL pocket book on the way

    That's the same book cover that I used in junior high school...flashback!!! Semper Fi! Scott
  14. King Scott

    Da Paul Challenge

    One of those signal flags that the radioless tank platoon commander used to signal the rest of the platoon? ;) Semper Fi! Scott
  15. King Scott

    A Name For The Iwo Jima Module

    I would purchase any Iwo Jima module from MMP, regardless of the name. But can we please move away from the childish cartoon names? As a Marine who has been to Iwo Jima, it is sacred ground and deserves a little more respect than many of these titles suggest. Semper Fi! Scott
  16. King Scott

    Da Paul Challenge

    I am only impressed if it had a whistle. ? Semper Fi! Scott
  17. King Scott

    Brevity Assault unboxing and overview

    There are map setups for a total of 19 different battles (3 on HASL maps), so we know the maximum number...I would venture to guess that you would not be likely to play every one in a CG due to the operational level aspect of the CG determining when an actual scenario is played. (Battles can...
  18. King Scott

    Brevity Assault unboxing and overview

    I strongly agree about the map paper...better paper is demanded for future releases. Very interested in trying out this product...North Africa gets almost no love in the ASL world. Semper Fi! Scott
  19. King Scott

    Were there geomorphic boards in games before SL?

    I played Panzer Leader, Panzer Blitz, and Tobruk before I played Squad Leader. PL and PB I did not care for. Nothing wrong with the games at all, just not what I was looking for in a wargame...although, at 12 years old, I did not yet know what I was looking for in a wargame until I played SL...
  20. King Scott

    Missing Familiar Faces From FtF ASL?

    The banana car was awesome. Semper Fi! Scott