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  1. Eagle4ty

    Still more Murphy's rules of ASL

    The only thing one can reasonably expect from your OBA is that it's in you Order of Battle.
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    How come Gamers Armory is not shipping to the UK?

    Didn't see it coming; black market ASL? (got'ta get that fix!)
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    Moving Vehicular Target status and Immobilization

    Incorrect in both instances. For part I of the question the vehicle had been In-Motion AND entered a new hex thus it is considered a moving target throughout the MPh, DFPh & AFPh and does not offer a +1 TEM/Hindrance during these phases [EXC: Infantry using Armored Assault (D9.31)]. There is no...
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    What next?

    Throw in a pre set up bombardment and you've got yourself a whole new game.
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    Would you rather be lucky or good?

    I look at luck in an ASL match as I viewed luck in combat, a situation at least representational in our game. In combat you can do everything correct to the best of your ability and yet luck of the draw can ruin not only your best laid plans but your whole day! Conversely luck can save your butt...
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    TCASL 4/10/21-- ANZACs (COVID-19 Edition)

    Didn't need that mental image!:rolleyes:🤫😬
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    Carrier/Armored HT?

    Looking at this a bit closer I believe Scott is correct in his assertion the AFV must included "Carrier" (Note the use of capitalization) in its nomenclature. "D6.64 FG:" also uses the capitalized use of the word Carrier in its description of AFVs that may participate in multi-unit fire groups...
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    Carrier/Armored HT?

    Not to necessarily disagree with Scott here but under Chapter H the Kangaroo is listed as an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) for type {See British Vehicle Listing Table). Now does this equate to it being a carrier? I would suppose most may agree that this is the case as that is its function and...
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    A25 Cold Crocodiles Map

    I would say no as the only one that exists per SSR is in 23P7.
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    Good Pre-Reading for "Sword and Fire: Manila?"

    For a brief overview you may try the U.S. Army's Center For Military History Publication CMH Pub 72-28 Luzon or for bit more in depth look at it read CMH Pub 5-10-1 Triumph In The Philippines, Part Four: Securing The Manila Bay Area, Chapters XII thru XVI. These are open to the general public...
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    However it may still violate the spirit of the rules as lain out in the Introduction. As Jeff pointed out if one would be in total adherence to the rules as presented and if J2.31 had been noted as applicable to the scenario his stance would overrule the Chapter G presentation. There has...
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    Dash Legality

    One need only ask a few questions: Does a road location exist in BB7? {regardless of the entry/exit hexside(s) of the road} Is the unit in CC8 on one side of that road depiction? Is AA7 on another side side of that road depiction? Is the German unit in non-Open Ground to the firing unit in Y9...
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    What next?

    Ah, but then we'd all miss those interesting questions.:unsure:
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    Dash Legality

    The road he is dashing across is O7-M6. Show me in the rules where it says the road must extend into M6 & I may reconsider my answer. Is there a road in M6 that emenates from O7? Is there a rule the road must exit the opposite hexside as the road enters the hex from? At which point is a LOS/LOF...
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    TCASL 4/10/21-- ANZACs (COVID-19 Edition)

    As an associate member of the 7th Australian Veterans Association (The U.S. 32nd "Red Arrow" Division Veterans Association & the 7th Australian Division's Veterans Association made each other associate members of each relatively recently) and as a member of the 32nd's Association's executive...
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    Dash Legality

    Let's assume the firing unit is in 24P7 and no LOS exists to either N5 or M7 making them non-OG to the firer. I see no problem as the road from O7 extends to the center dot of N6 & that's where fire would be traced to thus allowing him to dash from one side of the road to the other. In no...
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    THH Banzai Options

    Yup, pretty sure I've been duped into an FPF situation against a SMC (Zerker SMC, THH/DCH) entering my location which I always thought occurred 1st before any other defensive fire from outside sources just because FPF is triggered by movement into the friendly units Location. I'm quite sure I...
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    OAF board question on O51.1 The Last Crossroad

    Too funny, just had that out today looking at it, Wondered if I'd ever play it again.
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    2021 Canadian ASL Open

    Yup. A gem of a scenario!
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    Rubbled Rowhouse question

    Pretty much how I see it given the rule. A lot easier to get "blown away" if leaving the building.;)