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  1. MajorDomo

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I once sat next to a playing of J152 where the Brits had no less than 6 heroes. IiRC, they start with one. Despite a two squads of Brit infantry stacked with three heroes and a minus leader wiping out Germans in the big building like a thresher mowing wheat, the Germans won the scenario.
  2. MajorDomo

    Dash Legality

    I would say no dash on the purple roads. A. One road is CC7-BB7-AA7. B. Another road is CC7-BB7-CC8 A Dash from CC7 to AA7 would be along the road in A. above and not across the road in B.
  3. MajorDomo

    Hidden Gem Scenarios

    Played and enjoyed it. Tin cans always a favorite of mine.
  4. MajorDomo

    THH Banzai Options

    Once upon a time, in Seizing The Sittang Bridge versus Gary Trezza, my DC hero won the game for me. My Japanese needed to cross grain and open ground to gain the bridge. Unfortunately, there was a 9-1 directing a MMG in a foxhole right in front of the bridge. So I banzai'd and after four MP...
  5. MajorDomo

    THH Banzai Options

    I think the " regular" banzai goes into stasis, while the THH sprints forward towards his objective like Jesse Owens in a track meet. After the THH has finished his run, then the banzai resumes. The THH us free to select any target as his goal, regardless of the "regular" banzai target...
  6. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    I hope that the Jpn. dummies should not need to take a PAATC. Maybe a candidate for a Perry Sez clarification. Jpn. dummies taking a PAATC obviously reveals that they are in fact dummies. So, two situations, One: Dozer enters hex with two Jpn ??. Dummies must take a PAATC. Dozer now knows...
  7. MajorDomo

    You got the COVID-19 vaccine, so now what?

    The Johnson and Johnson one shot non-refrigerated vaccine looks like the way to go.
  8. MajorDomo

    You got the COVID-19 vaccine, so now what?

    20,000 fake US drivers licenses were seized at O'Hara Airport in one shipment inbound from Hong Kong. This other article talks about fake covid vaccination documentation on sale for $20 - Herd immunity is the cure.
  9. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    PTO scenario with light jungle. Two Japanese dummy units in a light jungle hex. An armored Dozer overruns the two dummies. Normally, a Japanese infantry unit need not take a PAATC to remain concealed versus the overrun. We played that the Japanese dummies need not take a PAATC also. Seemed...
  10. MajorDomo

    ASL Action Pack #16 and Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #12 (2021) now available!

    Looking at AP172 - Hickory Lickin'. The German setup south/east of hexgrain 46GG9-T2-53N0 doesn't make sense to me. Errata? Rich
  11. MajorDomo

    Hidden Gem Scenarios

    I liked CH167 - The Warlord's Estate. It was in the ASL Open one year, so playings are at 15 wins per side. Looks like a beer and pretzels scenario, but there is more subtlety. How can you not like the Chinese warlord himself riding into battle in an armored car.
  12. MajorDomo

    J44 / ASL238 Audacity - AAR

    Wow, no continuous slopes on alpine hills! Sure that I played that one incorrectly several times.
  13. MajorDomo

    Ersatz VASLeague 2021

    Rich Domovic's Germans defeat Craig Houliston's partisan/Italian force in Roma2 - Second Hand News. Good fast paced game which saw fortunes seesaw throughout. The final seesaw went the German way with an allied "10" failing to capture a badly outnumbered 238 for the win. Eighteen German EVP...
  14. MajorDomo

    2021 Canadian ASL Open

    Always a well organized good time with interesting scenarios. I enjoyed the last FTF Canadian Open in Ottawa and also enjoyed last year's VASL version. Just registered!
  15. MajorDomo

    Nor'easter (Virtual) XXV in the books (Well except for one game)

    Thanks, Carl for running a smooth tourney. I got to play several gamers that I do not normally play. Rich
  16. MajorDomo

    ROAR Future

    I record all my games on ROAR, really nice to check if I have played a scenario or person. Also, very useful to sniff out dog scenarios. I download my games to a spread sheet, periodically.
  17. MajorDomo

    cliff blind hexes

    Does a cliff hexside on a level two hex create a minimum of two blind hexes? The question is whether a unit with sufficient height advantage can reduce the two hex cliff's blind hexes to one. I think so but not sure. Thanks, Rich
  18. MajorDomo

    J166, Maximum Aggression

    Nice AAR! Played and enjoyed this scenario three times. I would give the Brits the balance (extra MMG from memory). Would also make the huts/ buildings immune to fire as it is easy for the Jpn. to fire point blank into empty huts and ignite the huts, making village very tough to move into...
  19. MajorDomo

    Armored Assault rule interpretation

    So, the move in this example accomplishes the same, but is legal? The ADV moves with the infantry as Armored Assault until they break apart in hex C7 and each goes to its final hex.
  20. MajorDomo

    interdiction question

    A question from a recent game, see attached. The DM 237 must rout. The only path is through the foxhole. The foxhole is filled with a squad of overweight Germans. If the DM 237 cannot use the foxhole, then does that make it "open ground" for interdiction purposes. In this case, interdiction...