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  1. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    PTO scenario with light jungle. Two Japanese dummy units in a light jungle hex. An armored Dozer overruns the two dummies. Normally, a Japanese infantry unit need not take a PAATC to remain concealed versus the overrun. We played that the Japanese dummies need not take a PAATC also. Seemed...
  2. MajorDomo

    cliff blind hexes

    Does a cliff hexside on a level two hex create a minimum of two blind hexes? The question is whether a unit with sufficient height advantage can reduce the two hex cliff's blind hexes to one. I think so but not sure. Thanks, Rich
  3. MajorDomo

    interdiction question

    A question from a recent game, see attached. The DM 237 must rout. The only path is through the foxhole. The foxhole is filled with a squad of overweight Germans. If the DM 237 cannot use the foxhole, then does that make it "open ground" for interdiction purposes. In this case, interdiction...
  4. MajorDomo

    Armored Assault rule interpretation

    Recently, played a VASL game where my opponent and I discovered a difference in rule interpretation. Just imagine that! Anyway, in the picture, I Armored Assaulted onto the board as shown. The infantry stopped at six hexes, then the AFV drove to the orchard hex shown. I thought it legal as the...
  5. MajorDomo

    SM with enemy infantry in hex

    Is a SM restricted in firing out of its hex if there is an enemy infantry squad present? I did not find any restrictions in the TPBF or SM sections unless firing a SM is attacking other units. Thanks, Rich
  6. MajorDomo

    CH30 HIP question

    The SSR#4 for CH30 - Kravchenko's Guards Tank Army states: The Japanese player may only use HIP for the AT Gun and crew (G1.631 is NA). I think this SSR#4 prevents the 1945 Japanese from setting up HIP Tank Hunter Heroes. My opponent thinks that the reference to G1.631 excludes HIP THH as...
  7. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    A concealed Russian 447 advances into a building location where three German unconcealed 247s reside. Russian wins ambush roll, kills one 247 at 2-1, survives German CC roll and stays concealed in the building location. Remaining two German 247s Prep at concealed Russian 447 with no effect...
  8. MajorDomo

    FT273 - Viet Minh 37* Inf gun question.

    Played this last week, we had a question about INF gun. The scenario card has the Viet Minh with a Japanese 37* inf gun, which is on a small counter (sw). Do the Viet Minh use the inf gun with captured use penalties? Did not find anything suggesting otherwise, but it greatly reduces the gun's...
  9. MajorDomo

    Area Target type CH

    A 50mm mortar rolls snakes upon a lone Russian 76L gun. It was a CH (not improbable...). The gun and crew are destroyed. My opponent rolled the effects and rolled boxcars. We played that the gun and crew were destroyed and the effects need not have been rolled. Correct?
  10. MajorDomo

    Bocage AFV questiom

    A fully tracked 13 MP AFV, with normal ground pressure, starts the movement phase next to a bocage hexside. Both its hex and the hex on the other side of the bocage hexside are open ground. What is the cost to start and cross the bocage hexside? I always played the cost as 10.5 with bog on 11...
  11. MajorDomo

    Repair of MA when under Recall

    An AFV with a malfunctioned MA is hit by a sniper "1", STUN/Recall Can it repair its MA? I thought, sure no problem but then read D3.7 ....Repair of each malfunctioned weapon can be attempted once per RPh with a separate die roll for each malfunctioned weapon by any inherent crew that is not...
  12. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    All hedges are bocage Ami turn! Sherman starts up and moves to hex K8, does not bog. German 468 in loses WA when Sherman enters hex. 468 looks for faust, gets one and burns the Sherman in K8. Ami 666 moves to K7 and claims WA. My Questions: A. Is the above correct and 666 gains WA? B. If...
  13. MajorDomo

    Area Target Type

    A couple of ATT questions with which I am struggling: A. Direct fire ATT of Smoke at a hex with only an unarmored vehicle behind a wall. Must the direct fire shot hit the upper structure of the presumably hull down vehicle? B. Indirect WP Mortar fire hits a second floor known enemy infantry...
  14. MajorDomo

    Moving target?

    My AFV ends my turn in motion. During my opponents Prep fire, his AT gun hits and immobilizes my AFV. His AT gun maintains rate. It fires again at my now stopped/immobile AFV. Does my AFV receive the +2 for being a moving target? My gut tells me yes as the +2 would clearly apply in my phase...
  15. MajorDomo

    2.5 storage tanks?

    Are board 4a storage tanks with large with squares 2.5 level storage tanks as per BFP ITR 2? The Red Barricades does not have 2.5 level towers. Thanks, Rich
  16. MajorDomo

    Conscript 426 cowering or not.

    Prep fired a 8-0, 426 and a 447 for an 8 flat. Rolled "3,3" for a 1MC. My opponent says, "not so fast", the 426 cowered. I then quoted A7.9 7.9 COWERING: IFT attacks are adversely affected by any IFT resolution DR that results in Original "Doubles" unless a leader directs that attack. The...
  17. MajorDomo

    What type of Konigsberg terrain is this?

    Thanks, Rich
  18. MajorDomo

    Panjis fun, did we do this correctly or Not!

    Some Panji questions arose: A. If an America halfsquad Advances across a panji hexside in APh, no attack takes place. There is a Japanese HIP 247 in the hex. Is the Ami halfsquad on top the panji for the coming ambush and CC? [We played on top for ambush/CC]. B. Same question if the hex is...
  19. MajorDomo

    Fortress Wall breach by DC

    Can these walls be breached witb a DC? Thanks, Rich
  20. MajorDomo

    Ground snow, frozen stream question

    Scenario RPT166 - We Are Friends takes place in February., weather is ground snow (E3.72). 3.722 TERRAIN: Ground/Deep Snow turns all marsh/mudflat terrain into Open Ground (B16.8), freezes all streams, and activates all Ice rules (B20.7, B21.6). It also causes a +2 DRM to all Entrenching...