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  1. drchilds

    What was your "moment?"

    Very sad to hear. I find that if I'm counting on the dice to save my bacon, I've screwed up somehow. But in the end, it's a game -- one of the greatest ever, to be sure -- but still a game. If he wasn't having fun anymore, then there's not much else left to do but hang up the cardboard boots...
  2. drchilds

    What was your "moment?"

    I actually was just reminiscing last week about one of my first games at the old Bunker against Kiri. Jon Messeck and I, being noobs were paired against Kiri. I don't remember the scenario, but it was very likely an Annual '90 playtest. Kiri had a death star entrenched on a hill overlooking...
  3. drchilds

    Anyone has the WO Pack 2019 Double Wide boards for VASL ?

    Any chance of 12a/b and 13a/b?
  4. drchilds

    What was your "moment?"

    And I would never be the player and enthusiast I am without the hospitality of you, Tom, and the rest of the Bunker crew! Cheers!
  5. drchilds

    What was your "moment?"

    I don't remember the exact scenario. Probably something from either Paratrooper or Yanks ca. 1989 or 1990. As we were playing, and I'm observing with my friend and opponent the ebb and flow of the front line, and the narrative that the scenario was presenting to us, we both commented on this at...
  6. drchilds

    VASL Map program too small in size..

    Only if the WinForms apps are still using old frameworks. Old MFC, older .NET WinForms, etc. If the WinForms apps are using something reasonably recent, they'll scale up appropriately, and respect the OS scaling request. Now... if the developers didn't account for it, or were lazy about their UX...
  7. drchilds

    VASL Map program too small in size..

    Actually, Windows is great with high DPI. It's Java that blows, and doesn't respect the scaling requested by the platform. As you mention, later versions of Java did a better job.
  8. drchilds

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I always felt that FC was just one more way for Cole eek out more cash from his Paramount license. I've been a SFB player since I was 12, but the whole production shift really irked me. You really like it more?
  9. drchilds

    Happy New Year to you too! I AM WORKING!!! :)

    Happy New Year to you too! I AM WORKING!!! :)
  10. drchilds

    Sox and Yanks

    Well he used to hang out in the dugout with the team until a$$hat Pud Selig kicked him out. Probably a nod. Hell, he's part of the lore... I'm cool with it.
  11. drchilds

    Sox and Yanks

    Wicked great news.
  12. drchilds

    Sox and Yanks

    Curse? Nah... nasty case of the clap? Mebbe! Never been to the Trop, but I gotta agree with Jerry Remy when he says the place should be blown up. Playing there has gotta be like playing a game of backyard whiffle ball. "Okay... hit that catwalk and it's a double... hit that one it's a...
  13. drchilds

    Sox and Yanks

    Hmmm... what do you Cleveland guys think about this?
  14. drchilds

    PTO terrain and Elevated/Sunken roads

    > Rule:G.1, B4, B5 > Question:When PTO terrain is in effect, G.1 tells us clearly that roads do not > exist. However do the depression portions of a sunken road, and > elevated/embankment (for lack of a better term) portions of an elevated road > exist? Yes. ....Perry MMP
  15. drchilds

    Scenario HS11 - The Sand Spit and rule E1.22

    Rule: Scenario HS11 and rule E1.22 Question: "The scenario card for HS11 - The Sand Spit seems to contradict rule E1.22 in that it assigns the USMC an ELR of 5 but by E1.22 it would seem that the USMC ELR should be 4. Is the card correct?" The Marine ELR should be 4. ....Perry
  16. drchilds

    Hull down maneuver and Russian lend-lease

    > Rule: D4.22 > Question:Is a Russian tank of American manufacture (such as a lend-lease > M4/76(a)) subject to the -2 HD maneuver attempt DRM? No. ....Perry MMP