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  1. drchilds

    PTO terrain and Elevated/Sunken roads

    > Rule:G.1, B4, B5 > Question:When PTO terrain is in effect, G.1 tells us clearly that roads do not > exist. However do the depression portions of a sunken road, and > elevated/embankment (for lack of a better term) portions of an elevated road > exist? Yes. ....Perry MMP
  2. drchilds

    Scenario HS11 - The Sand Spit and rule E1.22

    Rule: Scenario HS11 and rule E1.22 Question: "The scenario card for HS11 - The Sand Spit seems to contradict rule E1.22 in that it assigns the USMC an ELR of 5 but by E1.22 it would seem that the USMC ELR should be 4. Is the card correct?" The Marine ELR should be 4. ....Perry
  3. drchilds

    Hull down maneuver and Russian lend-lease

    > Rule: D4.22 > Question:Is a Russian tank of American manufacture (such as a lend-lease > M4/76(a)) subject to the -2 HD maneuver attempt DRM? No. ....Perry MMP