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  1. KhandidGamera

    Pillboxes and LARGE gun setup.

    All depends on that one 2" mortar that didn't x out on smoke coming in as rg.Am tempted to try the two trench 36 table approach.
  2. KhandidGamera

    Pillboxes and LARGE gun setup.

    Oh boy, bad as I thought. Bout to find out what it's like to face off against a Flak 18 in stone 360 pb across a river: PBr. Some bad luck and bad play.
  3. KhandidGamera

    Minimum Range for OBA

    Haven't been on the board a while, but noticed your thread. As others indicated Jack Daniels would be a great source. Also through Vince (MajorIssues) Jim Thompson would be a very good source too. He had played around with re-working FA for ASL and a professional military knowledge of artillery...
  4. KhandidGamera

    Pillboxes and LARGE gun setup.

    Doing this on phone, oops should be I agree in general rules question section.
  5. KhandidGamera

    Pillboxes and LARGE gun setup.

    Rules say one gun, nothing prohibiting large gun such as 88L from setting up in, unlike building. Can't be moved in during play, but can setup in. Am I missing something?
  6. KhandidGamera

    Murphy's Laws Of ASL Combat

    Can't help but think that this belongs here. Just think sixes instead of ones.
  7. KhandidGamera

    Murphy's Laws Of ASL Combat

    That's called Monty Python Castle Syndrome 1. "We built a fourth castle and it stayed up."
  8. KhandidGamera

    VASL Overlay Extension

    Big shout out to Al here. Asked a question about the escarpment overlay because I was getting ready to play A23. Traded some emails and Al had something in action in about a week. Didn't have to do that but he did. Nice job he did too, right down to foot bridges, tracks and a nice clear...
  9. KhandidGamera

    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    Bret. I will happily register and buy two shirts (like last year) to help sustain ASLOK, might even buy a night to help the hotel and your continuing relationship to it. However, not going to make it this year. 1. Like many I'm out of work for the time being, largely due to the plague. Even...
  10. KhandidGamera

    Scenario A23 Escarpment Overlay E1

    That's good to hear.
  11. KhandidGamera

    Finland in World War II

    Looking for something else in the The Atlantic and ran across this from 2013. Some very good equipment pics included. Finland in World War II Some of these what make great scenario sheet pics.
  12. KhandidGamera

    VASSAL 3.3.0 Released

    So will VASSAL 3.3.0 work with java9+ then?
  13. KhandidGamera

    A23 Contest in the Clouds setup

    Thanks for the explanation Al. Want to play those near term. Going to load 6.5 this week.
  14. KhandidGamera

    A23 Contest in the Clouds setup

    Thanks BigAl, much appreciated. Looks like leaving the 2nd hex ID blank came with the version 6 maps.
  15. KhandidGamera

    A23 Contest in the Clouds setup

    Curious if anyone has done this in VASL and how they went about it. I can accept no snow colors on the desert portion - Board 25 and the Escarpment. Found it surprising there's no real answer in this forum on how to place the Escarpment without using the new draggable overlay method, but ran...
  16. KhandidGamera

    Your favourite possible hypothetical scenario/CG

    In the same vein - Invasion of Malta.
  17. KhandidGamera

    The ASL Book Club

    In Frank's Downfall there was one approach on framing and perspective why the atomic bombs were thought to be necessary. I thought one of the most effective things Hornfischer did in TFAFT was another maybe more persuasive one from a "putting yourself in their shoes in understandable today...
  18. KhandidGamera

    Books: What are you currently reading?

    Here, here. This remains probably the best naval history book I've ever read. What really helps is very good maps and diagrams, having to do with Parshall's day job ISTR in software and graphics. The chapter Why Japan Lost, on the Japanese strategic thinking and perspective is a book's worth of...
  19. KhandidGamera

    My New Coronavirus-Proof Gaming Attire

    Does that permanently place you under a concealment counter?
  20. KhandidGamera

    Ok - so lots of us would probably do this if we had the cash................

    Fantasized several years ago about having an M3 HT - with winterizing of course, to drive to WO in, in a blizzard - think the State Police would let me through. Plenty of PP in back for ASL stuff.?