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    US Army Infantry Battalion/Regiment HQ Company personnel

    What are your thoughts on their representation? The TO&E has them armed with a mixture of M1 Garands and Carbines. Should I avoid 6-6-6 counters altogether and go strictly with 2nd Line and Green squads? Having been in a HQ Company myself I know some of the senior NCOs are very skilled but they...
  2. 21Z5M

    Missing pages

    Hi, Does anyone know what pages Z79-Z84 are from? I was putting in SV pages in my rules and noticed I didn’t have them. Thanks Keith
  3. 21Z5M

    Action Pack 9 follow up?

    I thought I had read there were going to be two more action packs based on Burma? One of my personal favorite theaters.
  4. 21Z5M

    Fall Blau

    In anticipation of playing Red Factories I’m reading Jason D Mark’s book Into Oblivion. Can someone suggest scenarios prior to the 6th Army entering Stalingrad?
  5. 21Z5M

    Stalingrad mapping

    How much of Stalingrad has been mapped? Seems like a lot.
  6. 21Z5M

    Dragons Teeth

    is there a rule covering this? Thanks Keith
  7. 21Z5M

    Printing counters

    I'm working on a HASL. What kind of a printer can make counters?
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    Does it have life?
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    Is BFP having a Black Friday sale?

    Says it all
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    HASLs and books

    Looking for very detailed books about HASLs. So far I have Island of Fire for Red Barricades. Also the Duel in the Mist series for Kampgruppe Pieper. What are the others that match up?
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    ASL Mug

    Does anyone know where I can get one. I wrote to redheadedtshirts but no response. I need one for my sons birthday
  12. 21Z5M

    German Archives

    Does anyone know their way around?
  13. 21Z5M

    Congratulations Curt

    Two more years and you are #38HOF Nice jump in the percentages Boston never will forget 2004!!! Thanks for coming. Gave us something we never had in 86 years. I woke my two sons up to watch when they were 1 and 3 years old. Now they are big Red Sox and baseball fans.
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    Go Pats

    Should be a good game today.