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  1. lightspeed

    A2.4 and B.1 terrain movement costs

    My page K3 (c 2005 by MMP) says, in the right column, paragraph with a square: How many MF did that last MPh use? "Five, Drill Sergeant." Correct. I brought you down here because I want to show you hex 19. It is unusual because it contains both woods and a building. The cost to enter hexes...
  2. lightspeed

    What Makes A Good AAR?

    I'm with Jim...too much detail is really unnecessary. The general plan and how it went (with a few key highlights) is sufficient for me. Also, please hit return a few times. When I see an AAR that is a massive block of text, I don't bother trying to read it. Good luck! indy
  3. lightspeed

    Fire Lane. Has there been a change?

    Agreed. I think that a lot of players forget that if ASL is modelling anything, it is the effect, not the cause. indy
  4. lightspeed

    #41 J170 Red Churchills

    Another interesting and entertaining episode! Thanks for that, and a happy belated birthday to Dave! indy
  5. lightspeed

    Post Your Results for Rally Point 18: The French Army: Friend and Foe on ROAR

    Not to mention ASL Scenario Archive: indy
  6. lightspeed

    Intensive Fire of MA during Defensive Final Fire?

    Yes, it does make sense to me now...well, I might be lying (and I'm just used to it), but I'm fine with it as the rule is quite clear. I was a-mazed at what I discovered when I started reading the rules carefully! indy
  7. lightspeed

    Intensive Fire of MA during Defensive Final Fire?

    I find this rule a bit puzzling as it makes final fire for the defender and prep fire for the attacker different...I had it in my head they were analogous. the good thing is that the rule is crystal clear. indy
  8. lightspeed

    Altering songs for ASL: The Weird Al Effect

    Rangers in the Night. A Hard Day's Fight. Rout, Rout Away.
  9. lightspeed

    Area target type/area fire & halfling of ordnance hits

    Exactly. It is a pity the word Area appears in both. Someone (whose name I cannot remember) once suggested that maybe "Hex Fire" and "Area Target Type" would have been enough to differentiate the two. Alas, they were over forty years late. indy
  10. lightspeed

    #39: Eight Million Bayonets

    Nailed it. The cool factor would be enough for me to buy them. indy
  11. lightspeed

    #39: Eight Million Bayonets

    Another very entertaining episode...I thought the ideas for MMP were very interesting. I, too, would pay for personalised leaders. BTW, Gerry is doing all of the work for Alberta Assault this year. During the AAR, I caught myself hovering my mouse over top of a stack to see what was in...
  12. lightspeed

    weather oddities

    Wait a minute. Waaaait a minute! There was a time before cell phones?! :) indy
  13. lightspeed

    weather oddities

    Please tell us you took a photo of the board! indy
  14. lightspeed

    weather oddities

    Judging by scenarios, I think the strangest weather anomaly is that between 1939 and 1945 in Europe, something like 95% of the time the weather was moderate with no wind... indy
  15. lightspeed

    Is this cheating?

    Fair enough...I would guess you know about popcorn? Get some! :) indy
  16. lightspeed

    LFT Rat Pocket Charts v3

    Robin, Thank you. My apologies for not starting the thread in the correct spot. indy
  17. lightspeed

    LFT Rat Pocket Charts v3

    My apologies if this has been asked before... Please open your v3 Rat Charts to page 15. I draw your attention to the Free French Nationality Distinctions. The last three lines are in US colours and have the following squads: 558, 557, 547. What product are they (as well as the Corps Francs...
  18. lightspeed

    Can a unit dismantle a weapon in prep fire and move?

    I think that's the understatement of the decade! indy
  19. lightspeed

    Can a unit dismantle a weapon in prep fire and move?

    An interesting thread to be sure. Perhaps I look at ASL in a bit too binary a way, so I'll ask: What is an example of a sleaze that "borders on cheating?" I tend to think an action is cheating or it's not. Obviously I'm not seeing something here... BTW, I don't use the term sleaze. As much...
  20. lightspeed

    Average Dice

    I would suggest the following method. It works well face-to-face. The probability of rolling a 2 or 12 is the same, as are (3,11), (4,10), (5,9), and (6,8). The goal is to have the same number of rolls for each element of the pairs listed above (so the same number of 4 and 10, for example)...