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  1. Tim Niesen

    What next?

    Not sure that this post is put in the right area, but I did not know where to post it. My small group has ordered the Manila module, but we fear that it will not be ready by this summer. We are anxious to start by July after we all have been vaccinated. Therefore, I am asking for recommendations...
  2. Tim Niesen

    Berserkers and Wall Advantage.

    Can a Beserker unit declare Wall Advantage? It is not in Good Order; therefore, I think not. Tim
  3. Tim Niesen

    ASL Sleaze and the Hex Side.

    We are having our Saturday game. Steve is disputing the concept of ASL Sleaze. Where in the D section is the rule where a tank in bypass is in the hex to justify not firing outside of the affected hex? Sorry for the elementary question? Also where is the rule where the enemy unit in the hex has...
  4. Tim Niesen

    Street Fighting. Some questions.

    Now that we are getting close to town, there are questions about the risk to tanks therein. A. Does a tank get to fire Bounding Fire before the infantry defender gets to utilize Street Fighting? B. Does an infantry defender get Street Fighting advantage if an enemy unit is occupying the house...
  5. Tim Niesen

    Tank and its Options.

    The situation is that a Soviet Stuart tank is Adjacent to a 81 MM mortar and crew. Its turret is turned toward the enemy, but it is facing in the opposite direction. Can the tank fire its 37LL first and then turn and then fire its MGs at the crew? Or must the shots be all done at once? After the...
  6. Tim Niesen

    Captured Tank and SD.

    My 237 Soviet half squad has taken command of an immobilized Panzer 3J. Can he work the SD? Are there negative modifiers for my half squads inexperience? I am considering using the depleted SMOKE to mask the movement of my infantry into and around the hex. Tim
  7. Tim Niesen

    Berserker Task Check.

    After shooting badly all turn on a fortified building, an Same hex Stuart attained a 3MC on a fortified building. There was a 9-1 leader and he went Beserk after HOB. On the subsequent attempt to transform the three units in the building into Beserker units, one of themselves rolled snake-eyes...
  8. Tim Niesen

    Acquisition Issues.

    Today, we had issues about acquisition of targets. We argued that one could change from area fire to direct fire, and retain the acquisition bonus. Also, we broke the units in a church steeple. They routed to the ground floor. Can we still fire with the area acquisition marker upon the hex...
  9. Tim Niesen

    Sustained Fire and Inherent Firepower.

    Sometimes I misremember my lessons from JR. I thought that in firing MG SW that they should always be fired first in defensive first fire. My perhaps faulty memory is that this course is taken because otherwise sustained fire is necessary after the inherent fire of an infantry unit has been...
  10. Tim Niesen

    A Pinned Enemy Unit and a Routing Unit.

    A enemy pinned is Adjacent to a broken unit. Does this unit interdict the routing unit for purposes of killing that unit for failure to rout? Ti
  11. Tim Niesen

    Collateral Attack and Riders.

    Thinking about the recent game, I am not we applied the rules correctly. A Rumanian 20L immobilized a Soviet Stuart. Should there have been a collateral attack of 1 plus zero on the 447 rider? Would the same dice roll be used as the to kill roll? Tim
  12. Tim Niesen

    Fortification and Row Houses.

    Does paying for fortification in a row house structure include all of building? Seems likely. But can the purchaser choose not to include all hexes in said fortification? At the start of our third session we fortified those sections of a factory which were outside the limits of range to enemy...
  13. Tim Niesen

    Surrender of units to Riders/Tanks.

    One of our tanks overran a Rumanian 20L and crew. Both tanks have riders. The first tank was immobilized. They completely surround the broken crew. Steve asks how does a tank and rider force a broken enemy unit to surrender. If the riders do not exist, would that make a difference? Does one of...
  14. Tim Niesen

    Airplane Bomb and Residual.

    We are having our Saturday game. Does a bomb miss leave a residual? Steve and I think so. Tim
  15. Tim Niesen

    Stationary target and Leader Benefit.

    Early this morning I had an idea. Duh. There is a sequential movement of first a 9-1 leader, using Assault Move, into a hex with a now abandoned Panzer 3 J, and then sequentially a 628 Russian combat engineer with a FT, moving into the same hex from the same original location. There are two...
  16. Tim Niesen

    Armored Assault.

    1. Does the infantry unit/units have to start with the tank/tanks? 2. Can the infantry disembark from the tank and continue in an armored assault? Tim
  17. Tim Niesen

    Airplane LOS and Buildings.

    I have let my ally read and interpret the airpower rules. He is usually good with rules, but Steve and I think that he is wrong about airplanes LOS being blocked by buildings. if there is a LOS obstruction caused by a building is it affected by the height of the building? Tim
  18. Tim Niesen

    Berserker and Defensive First Fire.

    This morning we had a situation which in retrospect raised a question. A Beserk Rumanian 227 half squad was Adjacent to three. Enemy stacks. He chose to charge a 447 in the same building instead of two Stuart tanks and three 527s between them. Instead of firing the tripled point blank fire...
  19. Tim Niesen

    LOS Question.

    In our campaign game there is a HIP spotter in a steeple sighting for mortars. In such a situation does this HIP unit in this second level position restrict enemy routing in the open? Tim
  20. Tim Niesen

    Air strayfing attack and CE tank with riders.

    This morning Steve attacked our hordes advancing toward the little village on the along the coast of the Black Sea. He had rolled quite well getting not only fighters on the first turn but also three of them. He attacked first a moving 628 with a FT. He killed the squad but the FT was not lost...