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  1. lightspeed

    LFT Rat Pocket Charts v3

    My apologies if this has been asked before... Please open your v3 Rat Charts to page 15. I draw your attention to the Free French Nationality Distinctions. The last three lines are in US colours and have the following squads: 558, 557, 547. What product are they (as well as the Corps Francs...
  2. lightspeed

    B24.74: Clearing Dummy Minefields

    Folks, Have a look at B24.74 and imagine a situation where there are known (and some dummy) minefields. What if a unit spends their entire MF to enter a dummy minefield (thinking it is real) in an attempt to clear it? The way I read the rules, there is no dispensation for the fact that it is...
  3. lightspeed

    B28.1 Minefields (under a bridge)

    Happy Triskaidekaphobia Day! B28.1 says, in part "Minefields may not be placed in a bridge, paved road, [lots deleted], Interior Building Hex, rubble, or Water Obstacle hex." It is possible to read that to mean "Minefields may not be placed in a bridge hex." I think this is a curious...
  4. lightspeed

    Anti-Tank Ditch MF cost to enter (B27.56)

    Folks, Have a look at B27.56 (Anti-Tank Ditch). The last sentence says "An A-T Ditch is treated the same as a trench except...Infantry must pay two MF plus COT to enter/exit the counter of an A-T Ditch." (italics added.) What the heck does that mean? Specifically, what does it mean to enter...
  5. lightspeed

    Race to the Meuse TM Entry Areas Question

    George, I hope you are well. I'm thinking of playing the RM TM and I had a couple of Qs. :) TM10-Entry Areas (p5): The rules say "RG designated as belonging to the Chasseurs Ardennais, must enter... A13 and/or N1..." On the D5.311 (p14) Reinforcement Tables, none of the Belgian Forces are...
  6. lightspeed

    WW2 Bazooka vs Infantry in Woods

    Folks, I was chatting with a friend who claims he has read that, in WW2, BAZ were "quite effective" (his words) against infantry in woods because the BAZ round would send splinters flying everywhere, akin to an airburst. He claims they were sufficiently effective that this use of a BAZ became...
  7. lightspeed

    Some thoughts on Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 (SKEP2)

    MMP supports ASL with two separate yet equal product lines: ASL and SK. These are their stories... I picked up SKEP2 recently and have played three scenarios. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't play SK. My friend Rob and I played the scenarios with essentially ASL rules (with a few...
  8. lightspeed

    Can't connect to VASL server from a Mac

    Folks, I have loaded vasl and can run it in offline mode just fine. The problem is that it cannot (will not?) connect to the server when I go online. I shut off wifi on my computer, and used my phone as a mobile hotspot (using mobile data), and there is no issue. I shut off the...
  9. lightspeed

    B9.3 and B9.4: Obvious Gaps in Walls/Hedges

    Folks, There is a Q&A (taken from version 24 of Klas' compilation) that reads B9.4 May a wall/hedge hexside with an “obvious gap” (but no road depiction) be crossed without paying the extra movement cost? May walls/hedges with “obvious gaps” (whether there is a road or not) be crossed by...
  10. lightspeed

    C7.31 AP to Kill Table...Allied & Axis Minor/Italian (20L only)

    Folks, A question came up the other day: What is the TK of an Allied Minor ATR? On the C7.31 table, under the 44F/ATR/20L column, the TK is 6. However, the red note says Russian, Finnish, Japanese; Allied & Axis Minor/Italian (20L only). What the heck does the stuff after the ; mean? It...
  11. lightspeed

    A heroic leader who suffers wounds as a leader

    Folks, Played SP52 (The Amazing Tominac) last week. There is an SSR which reads "The American 9-2 is Heroic (A15.2) but suffers wounds as a leader rather than a hero." I think this means that, if the 9-2 fails a morale check, he is not broken (as he is a hero), nor is he wounded (unless he...
  12. lightspeed

    Multiple DF shots at a unit that picks up a SW

    Folks, There are exactly two squads in play: Friendly squad A and enemy squad X. Enemy squad X assault moves into an OG location that contains a MG, expending 1MF. Friendly squad A is in normal range and chooses not to DFF on the 1MF. Squad X spends 1MF and succeeds in picking up MG. Squad...
  13. lightspeed

    Aberdeen (28 Nov-30 Nov)

    Folks, I will be in Aberdeen on 28 Nov to 30 Nov. If you are free for a game or a pint (or both), please let me know. indy
  14. lightspeed

    Can't use draggable overlays

    Folks, I'm running VASSAL 3.2.17 and VASL 6.4.0 on my mac, and I can't use draggable overlays at all. I can open the overlay window, but clicking and dragging doesn't do anything... Previously there was no issue at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Strangely, I can use command...
  15. lightspeed

    Steeple location on X19

    Folks, Overlay X19 contains a three hex building with a steeple location in one of the hexes. Therefore, the building is a two story house (B23.22) and has a level 0 and level 1 location in each hex. The steeple hex has a level two location. How does one access it? B31.2 says "...a...