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  1. aloha_brian

    Error message downloading VASSAL 3.4.6

    I received this error message when trying to download and install VASSAL 3.4.6 (to support VASL 6.6.1). Has anyone else received this message and how did you install it? Thanks, Brian
  2. aloha_brian

    Printed Shellholes

    Roads in printed shellholes still exist, and if paved would not suffer Mud penalties. ....Perry MMP
  3. aloha_brian

    West Michigan, Grand Rapids area - weekend June 21 - 23 - Face-to-Face

    I'll be in West Michigan visiting family and am looking to get one (or more) face-to-face games in while I'm there. I could play any or all of the dates listed in the title. I tried using the ASL Players map. But, only Mark DeVries is shown, but his email replies with an error message. But...
  4. aloha_brian

    RO 3 Defenders of Stalingrad Setup Question

    Martin Shop Garrison setup is within 2 hexes of V23/X21. Does that mean setup within 2 hexes of V23 and/or X21; or does it mean setup within 2 hexes of both V23 and X21? Brian
  5. aloha_brian

    Japanese stack undergoing a 1KIA result

    Assume a Japanese stack of 2 full strength squads is attacked with a 1KIA result. Random selection determines one of the squads is KIA. What happens to the remaining squad? G1.12 Attack Break states step-reduced for a specific list (and this isn't in the list) of items. The list is...
  6. aloha_brian

    ASLOK room mate

    I'm looking for a room mate for ASLOK. I have a room reserved (2 queen beds) from Saturday 9/29 until Sunday 10/7. I'd like to split the cost in half. With taxes, it's about $100 per night (so, about $50 per night each). The block rate is $85 but the taxes increase it to $100 ($792.20 for 8...
  7. aloha_brian

    Are these Armored Cupola conclusions correct?

    Based the last sentence of D9.5 we had the following conclusions 1) when the armored cupola shoots the CMG they are not subject to cowering. 2) shooting the CMG will cancel an existing acquisition if firing at a different location. 3) firing the CMG does not 'fix' the CA (of the MA) for the...
  8. aloha_brian

    Deep Strean question

    B20.43 states that it costs 4 MF and CX to enter a deep stream. B20.91 allows you to enter into crest status of a stream, along the hexside you are entering, by paying one less MF (or 3 MF in this case). If you enter deep stream into crest status from an adjacent hex at 3 MF are you also CX?
  9. aloha_brian

    Fire Lane and Final Fire

    A squad successfully placed a fire lane shooting just a machine gun (and retaining it's inherent firepower). Later in the MPh; the squad shot it's inherent firepower at a unit and cowered, marking the squad and the machine gun with a final fire counter. Does that final fire marker on the...
  10. aloha_brian

    LOS and Cliff Hexsides

    B11.2 provides the rule on LOS for cliff hexsides. 11.2 The serrated edge of a cliff is no more of an obstacle to LOS traced along that hexside than the elevation level it separates from the higher hill hex. For LOS purposes, the black art depiction of a Depression cliff is treated as part of...
  11. aloha_brian

    Routing through OBA

    Rules References (Bold is my highlight) A 10.51 DIRECTION: Second Paragraph If no non-ignorable building/woods Location can be reached during that RtPh, a broken unit may rout to any terrain hex consistent with the above restrictions and need not rout toward the nearest woods/building Location...