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  1. Alan Hume

    What do you Dread the most when playing ASL? (Game Play)

    Forgetting the rules, I've been playing for years now (heck, I've even read the rulebook) but I'm no rules whizz and I keep forgetting things and getting things wrong I'm starting to get more regular games in though so I'm hoping that might help
  2. Alan Hume

    Any chance a 3rd Ed. ASLRB will be published?

    Being honest Jack I would see that as a missed opportunity, far better, (in my opinion anyway, and it's just that) to publish it all together in a new edition of the rulebook
  3. Alan Hume

    Playin' Games @ 33 Museum Street, London

    Yeah, seen them twice now, once in Oakland over twenty years ago and once in London in 2014 Good times:cool:
  4. Alan Hume

    Playin' Games @ 33 Museum Street, London

    yeah, too many people is not good still, hoping to go to London later in the year if my buddies in Germany can get us tickets for the Raiders/Seahawks game (I'm a huge Oakland Raiders fan)
  5. Alan Hume

    Playin' Games @ 33 Museum Street, London

    Misses London? really? too many people for my liking, it's just way too big but hey ho, just my tuppence worth is all
  6. Alan Hume

    Playin' Games @ 33 Museum Street, London

    thought you were there a while back when we were hoping to meet you up in Dundee on our ASL day
  7. Alan Hume

    Playin' Games @ 33 Museum Street, London

    You in London again?
  8. Alan Hume

    Any chance a 3rd Ed. ASLRB will be published?

    I'd love a third edition rulebook, I'd buy both the full size and the pocket versions an eASLrulebook I'm not so sure about but only because I'm a luddite:D
  9. Alan Hume

    Vic Provost MIA Explained

    Thanks for letting us know and here's to a speedy recovery
  10. Alan Hume

    Congratulations to The 2 Half-Squads for their 200th Episode!

    Awesome show!!! Thanks again guys:cool:
  11. Alan Hume

    In praise of Battle School's Battle Dice!!!

    My vote is still for a 15th(Scottish) Die:D Battledice are great, I simply don't have a bad word to say about them (and Chris is a truly excellent guy to boot):cool:
  12. Alan Hume

    Hatten In Flames available for pre-order

    very good question, I'd love to know whats coming up on the countersheets
  13. Alan Hume

    Photos from Budapest (part 1)

    thanks very much for sharing, the photos were very cool
  14. Alan Hume

    My 1000th Post - Losing My ASL Mind – Please don’t read if you’re a Newbie it will discourage you!

    I've been playing for years now but I don't get enough games in, I constantly forget rules and it's infuriating but hey, it is a complex game after all (very, very complex) so I guess it's to be expected
  15. Alan Hume

    Missed the boat on Festung Budapest and Hakkaa Paalle

    Yeah, Second Chance Games are very good, I would recommend them too:cool:
  16. Alan Hume

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I bought 4 of the rat mugs they are so good:cool:
  17. Alan Hume

    NatZee Flags

    I would concur, selling it on to Nazi fanboys wouldn't be a good thing to do still, that's just my opinion you can do what you like I guess it can't be all bad though if Lemmy from motorhead collected the stuff but still, I would lean towards just getting rid of it
  18. Alan Hume

    Smoke SSR?

    I agree, it gets rid of the vaguaries and gives the Canadians a fighting chance, I'd even go so far as giving them two
  19. Alan Hume

    Precision Dice

    heh,heh,heh I know the feeling, I'm lucky if I get one game in a month but I still have a big box full of Battleschool dice :cool:
  20. Alan Hume

    Precision Dice

    I wholeheartily recommend Chris Doary and Battleschool, FANTASTIC customer service and amazing dice I've started to build a collection of them, I never intended to (just meant to buy a basic set of backgammon dice) but once I saw just how good they are I couldn't help myself So, yep...