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  1. TopT

    Texas ASL & CoW 2020

    Does anyone have a contact info, for the Texas ASL site, so that I can send my latest (and final) Chronology of War 2020? Thanks
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    Night & Freedom of Movement

    If a leader (with Freedom of Movement) is stacked with an AFV, can it grant that AFV freedom to move? If the answer is yes, my 2nd question involves a particular scenario SSR that states that the AFV does not have freedom of movement on T1. If the answer to my 1st question was yes, could a...
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    6.5.1 & 6.6.1

    Last week, I downloaded VASSAL 3.4.11/ VASL 6.6.1, did a custom install (made sure I had JAVA 8+) and all seemed to work. I played a couple of games with 6.5.1 with zero problems and then I re-started my computer. When I double-clicked 3.2.17 desktop icon it said that it was not compatible with...
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    .vsav file

    My opponent is sending me a .vsav file but when I try to open it this is what I am getting: What is going on? My opponent says he is not zipping the file prior. Thanks
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    auto update

    Whenever I load a VASL log or even start a new map set up, the boards are not auto updating. It is trying to but fails every time. On this log I am using 3.2.17 & 6.5.1. What am I doing wrong?
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    I have a .gif map file. How do I change this to be visible in VASL?
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    Area Fire for Acq

    I am firing an SU-152 vs. what looks like an empty hex just for acquisition. I roll low enough to hit (something, maybe?) on the Area Target Type. Can I rubble this hex if I roll low enough on the TK DR?
  8. TopT

    Armored Assault

    A stack (squad/ AFV) start movement together, move 2 hexes (Inf have spent total of 2 mp). They then split and the infantry late cx's for a total of 5 mp. Can the AFV then spend all of it's remaining movement factors (IE: 16 MF)?
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    Looking for someone to play a relaxed scenario from the Dinant game. I play very relaxed (2 logs per week or so). I am in no rush but would like to try some stuff that I have not played.
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    Patrick Palma

    Has anyone heard from Patrick Palma lately? We had been playing a bit ago and life interrupted me and I have not been able to make contact again.
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    Collateral Attack

    How does a collateral attack work? I am firing the cmg (Az2/ AA3) vs the Armored assault units in BB7. I declared a specific collateral attack vs the AFV (hit but NE) and then because they are moving together I use the same TH DR to attack the PRC in the hex. I know the Infantry are not PRC...
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    BFP 4-2-8 AM

    Setting up BFP94_ To the Last Shell in VASL. Where do you find the 4-2-8 AM and/ or the 1-2-8 AT counters. I have BFP 4.3.1 extension loaded. I noticed that I have the CtR extension loaded but on the BFP tab the only drop down is for CtR. Thanks. disregard, I have found them
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    ? loss check

    If a concealed unit AM across a hexside that is totally clear to an enemy unit. Does the AM unit lose concealment? EX: 1aU4 AM to 1aV3. 1aW5 has loss to the hex side that U4 crosses. Would this strip concealment?
  14. TopT

    MG FL

    I am having a discussion within a PbeM game. Does a player have to declare the placement of a Firelane before they roll the attack DR or can they wait to see the result of the rof die? If you maintain rof, you probably do not want to lay a FL as you could still be a quite potent counter punch...
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    Using the attached pic: The 4-4-7 is a T3 reinforcement. Can that 4-4-7 advance , in the CC phase, to attack the AFV or do you have to be physically on the board in order to roll for PAATC?
  16. TopT

    Shuri Castle

    Shuri Castle (Okinawa battlesite) was destroyed by fire today...
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    Draggable Overlays

    I am having problems with a set up that I had created. I had placed the overlays using the terrain overlays tab in VASL. My opponent cannot see the overlays. Is the terrain overlay extension called 'VASL Overlays Extension v1.02.vmdx'? We are both using the same versions of vassal/ vasl. What...
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    Auto updates

    I have a VASL save file and when I load it, it says that The game was saved with bd 39 6.1 and I am using bd 39 v6.0. "update failed" When I go to the VASL map site, the current bd 39 is 6.2. What might be the problem with my auto update? I am using 6.4.4 & 3.2.17
  19. TopT

    Human Wave

    Can you HW on one turn, stop at the end of that turn, and then announce HW again for the next turn & the same for next turn (3 consecutive turns in a row)? If the answer is yes, then how does a regular unit poop out after 6 MF? He cannot CX again until one full turn has passed.
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    T-H Hero

    Can a MMC create a TH Hero that designates an ART 5/8 inch counter as his target? The rule states that he must immediately Banzai at his designated Target AFV.