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  1. M.Koch

    GRENADIER´21: ASL Tournament, Germany, 03.11.-07.11.2021

    Check here for details. Keep fingers crossed!🤞
  2. M.Koch

    Star Wars ASL

    Took me several minutes to realize the pic is upside down...thought you were using some kind of imperial font
  3. M.Koch

    ASL Bell Tolls

    I played against him at Scandinavian Open in 2009... I lost the scenario and enjoyed the conversation afterwards. I´m sorry to hear that he is gone.
  4. M.Koch

    What are MMP's other games like please?

    I smell heresy here....
  5. M.Koch

    Pacific mini series

    BoB and The Pacific are very good, imo. As Michael mentioned, BoB might have a slight edge over TP because of the characters. Battle scene wise i think they are even, although the cruelness shown in TP has more impact on the viewer as that of BoB.
  6. M.Koch

    A rundown of all official HASLs

    A historical map IS what makes it HASL....imo.
  7. M.Koch

    MMP Teasers on FB page

    Ok, i´m not on FB, but i have extracted this from MMP´s FB site: And from Chas Argent, here's what you'll get in your WO 2021 Bonus Pack: WO36 Dompaire Destruction (13 September '44) Free French vs German mash-up in southern France, with beaucoup AFV (and a FB!). The Germans have to exit some...
  8. M.Koch

    "Our dangerous devotion to the Second World War" article

    Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu! I always was and will be with the dwarves.... Which would have fought on side of the allies, of course....or not?!:unsure: Rasup gamut ai-menu, Khulum.
  9. M.Koch

    ASL Bell Tolls

    Uwe Besch, deceased in 2020. Great ASLer, regular GRENADIER participant, always willing to help out where needed, especially teaching ASL/ SK beginners.
  10. M.Koch

    T 34 Movie (2019)

    Trash movie, period.
  11. M.Koch

    What is the toughest/hardest scenario you ever played ?

    A98 "Crossing The Gniloi Tikitsch". It was at a GRENADIER tournament 10+ years back against John Tait, a really nice guy, true sportsman and GRENADIER veteran. It took us over twelve hours to finish the beast and it went down to the last dice roll. Afterwards we were mentally burned out, but...
  12. M.Koch

    A post war CG.

    The Bundeswehr was founded in 1955... So i guess it would play no role. Especially since Berlin was free of Bundeswehr units until the fall of the Berlin wall. The Police in Berlin was armed in a military way by that time... But only with light armored vehicles and automatic small arms.
  13. M.Koch


    Frohes neues Jahr.
  14. M.Koch

    My ASL year in 2020

    Probably my worst ASL year ever since counting.... 8 ftf games finished, one was the final of a "Hatten In Flames" CG. No GRENADIER tournament. ´nuff said. 💩
  15. M.Koch

    Jackson has just posted that Paul Weir has died.

    My sincerest condolences. He will be missed.
  16. M.Koch

    Berlin 1945 documentary

    I once jumped into a foxhole which the pre-owner has justed as toillet. Lucky me i only soiled my boots but still...💩🤮 Of course it was THE running gag of the excercise:rolleyes:
  17. M.Koch

    Functioning M4A1 auctioned

    I think we are talking the same thing here, with a small missleading detail. The museum is on army (i.e. federal) property, right. But it´s not on the base, so visitors can access it freely. If it were on a base, you had to go through the security check etc.
  18. M.Koch

    British MoD Wargaming Handbook

    Download here the Wargaming Handbook . Seems they have never heard about ASL ;)
  19. M.Koch

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    At least some "Elefants" saw combat at Anzio/ Nettuno, Italy.