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  1. Ganjulama

    Too Much ASL, not enough space

    Comrades, I'm rapidly approaching ASL overload as it relates to physical product. My game cabinet is packed. I'm thinking of just chunking all of my scenario books (which would give some room). I have empty boxes, magazines, and mounted boards in the attic. I hate to through this away but...
  2. Ganjulama

    NC Bitter Ender 2021

    Please note that I permanently deleted my Facebook account today. I have no intention of returning to Facebook so if you need to contact me you can send me an email or PM me here. Alternatively, you may PM me your email address and I'll add you to the distribution list. I’m not optimistic that...
  3. Ganjulama

    Bitter Ender 2020 is CANCELLED

    Posting in General area for better viability. Mods, feel free to move if I'm out of compliance. Comrades, As some of you know, NC is on statewide stay at home lockdown for the entire month of April. Therefore the Bitter Ender will NOT TAKE PLACE on 16th through 19th of April. Players who...
  4. Ganjulama

    2020 Bitter Ender Dates and Various Updates

    Comrades, The dates for the Bitter Ender are Alan Saltzman has completed the draft playlist. However, AP14 was not released at the time of the draft and we will probably substitute some scenarios. Playlist was sent out on the mailing list. If you have played any AP14 and...
  5. Ganjulama

    My ASLOK Playlist: Comments and Suggestions?

    Looks like new releases will be thin at this years ASLOK so for the 1st time in a long time I devised a playlist of scenarios I've played before and liked and others that I've never played but have received positive buzz. Any suggestions or comments? I avoid historical map scenarios due to...
  6. Ganjulama

    ASLOK Roomate for Anthony F.

    Comrades, My friend Anthony is looking for an ASLOK roommate. He wheres CPAP at night. If you are interested let me know via PM. I think he has reserved a room already with double beds. regards, Doug
  7. Ganjulama

    ASLOK Product Releases?

    Is there going to be any new stuff at ASLOK this year?
  8. Ganjulama

    NOBA Question

    Per G14.661 BUILDINGS: A Multi-Story Building (B23.23) that is also multi-hex can create Reverse Slope hexes as if the building were a hill of the same full-level height. What happens to hex KK11 if KK10 is rubbled? Is it attacked during the same fire phase?
  9. Ganjulama

    CtR: CGII Assault on Fortress Corregidor

    Tom H. and I played Day 1 of this CG on Saturday. The Japanese set up heavy in the Water Tower area and Battery Wheeler with wire and trenches stiffening these redoubts. They were also present in the barracks hexes (that were in allowed set up zone) and a couple of MMCs in the Crocket Ravine...
  10. Ganjulama

    Corregidor: the Rock CG II Questions

    CG16: There does not seem to be a restriction on the distance between snipers on initial placement. Is there a minimum distance? Day 2 RG G3 (Mortar Section): Can this RG be purchased for one less CPP if entering via airdrop on CG Day 2? I know there is errata regarding G1 (not allowed), but...
  11. Ganjulama

    CtR-17 Clearing the Badlands: Cave Complexes

    Are they allowed in this scenario? Cave Complexes are not allowed in the CG so I thought this was worth asking.
  12. Ganjulama

    LFT 14_What Nationality Counter is this?

    Clipping and sorting LFT counters and came across these. I know they are partisans but what is the (ax)?
  13. Ganjulama

    LTF 224? Does it exist?

    Am I missing a scenario or is the numbering off? LFT 13 ends with 223 and LFT 14 starts with 225.
  14. Ganjulama

    FT-237 Roma Victor!--SSR#7 Help

    SSR 7 states "The Axis receive Air Support as per E7.2 in the form of 3 FB with no bombs and with a 4FP MG if =>2 Pontoon Bridge counters are destroyed before any L3 is on the east bank or if the bridge is not completed on Turn 4. In that case, the L3 did not enter play. In both cases, apply...
  15. Ganjulama

    FrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka SSR#4

    'Mobile Trucks without Passengers are immediately removed from play' I've never seen such as SSR before. It just seems odd to me. I can see immediate recall but immediate removed from play? I guess they magically vanish as soon as the Passengers unload :eek:
  16. Ganjulama

    ASL 121 End Station Budapest SSR 3 Question

    SSR states Romanian AEs have a broken side Morale Level one greater than printed. However, since this is a Romanian vs. Hungarian scenario, A25.8 states "Due to the historical dislike Hungarians and Romanians had for each other, in all scenarios where Hungarians are fighting Romanians, the...
  17. Ganjulama

    ASLOK 2019 Dates?

    Does anyone know the dates for 2019 ASLOK?
  18. Ganjulama

    BFP 104 Flying Turrets_Bombardment Question

    I'm getting ready to play this next week vs. Nelson. Nelson contends that the 4 hex bombardment range includes the target hex. I'm assuming this rule derives from KGP and VoTG bombardment rules which state, in part, "The final placement hex is the center hex for the Bombardment, and all hexes...
  19. Ganjulama

    ASL in Paris or Barcelona Feb 2019

    Comrades, There is a good chance I'll be in one of these 2 cities in February 2019. Exact dates are unknown but most likely either week of 2/10 or 2/17. Any ASL players or events you can point me too? Doug
  20. Ganjulama

    C1.82 & C1.83 Bombardment effects on CE AFV

    A German PzIVH is CE in open ground in a bombardment hex. AFV passes the equipment NMC with at '8'. Does the CE exposed crew take the bombardment mandated 2MC too? If so, does it get CE +2 added to morale? I think 'no' because the CE DRM is not TEM. Therefore, the crew would have a Morale...