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  1. M.Koch

    GRENADIER´21: ASL Tournament, Germany, 03.11.-07.11.2021

    Check here for details. Keep fingers crossed!🤞
  2. M.Koch

    British MoD Wargaming Handbook

    Download here the Wargaming Handbook . Seems they have never heard about ASL ;)
  3. M.Koch

    ASL History: Kampfgruppen Commander

    Whilst going trough my ASL stuff i stumbled over these Kampfgruppen Commander remains. Invented by Christian Koppmeyer and Klaus Fischer, KGC was the first try to combine ASL with strategic aspects. Twenty years ago i was involved in the first playtests. These cards are dated 2013, so i guess...
  4. M.Koch

    GRENADIER´20: ASL Tournament, Germany, !!! CANCELED !!!

    Business as usual... Check for details.
  5. M.Koch

    Another one gone

    On Friday i have received the sad news that ASL player and long time GRENADIER participant, Uwe Besch, has passed away. Let´s keep him in our memories. He will be not forgotten ! Ruhe in Frieden, Uwe.
  6. M.Koch

    New WWII mini series from Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks

    Eight episodes about the 8th Air Force over Germany planned.
  7. M.Koch

    GRENADIER´19: ASL Tournament, Germany, 06.11.2019-10.11.2019

    Title says it all.... Registration is opened.
  8. M.Koch

    Brief ASLOK 2018 AAR

    Here is my brief ASLOK 2018 summary/ AAR Arriving on Saturday, no remarkable Action on that day beside some talking to people i haven´t seen for a (long) time. Sunday saw my first game of ASLOK 2018 and later that day Dave Ginnard´s famous BBQ... Thanks to him and his wife for the great...
  9. M.Koch

    GRENADIER´18: ASL Tournament, Germany, 31.10.-04.11.2018

    Title says it all. Please go visit aslgermany for further information
  10. M.Koch

    GRENADIER´17 ASL Tournament, Germany, 01.11.-05.11.2017

    Finally here it is...The GRENADIER´17 thread ( Thanks to Herr von Marwitz for the heads up ) Visit for details
  11. M.Koch

    New Tuskegee Movie

    Got a hint for this trailer... Nice dog-fight action, i suppose
  12. M.Koch

    When did you started with scenario design

    and Why ? Let us know what was the reason for you, starting with designing scenarios by yourself. Every information or story is welcome. Makes no difference if you are a crack designer or if you are just someone who likes to experiment a bit. Everybody is welcome... Well for me i started in...