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    Open for PBEM Ladder matches

    Open call for any ladder matches here: I have all titles other than Chancellorsville (will edit in the event I get this disk). I will take any side, any options are good; will consider campaigns. If interested drop me a PM. ~Steve
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    HBO's Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee

    HBO Films: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee - Synopsis I read on one of their sponsor's sites a preview - and apparently there is a protagonist character.... strange thing is - is as near as I can recall Dee Brown's book was a narrative history - sort of along the lines of Shelby Foote's Civil...
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    Eckmuhl-Wagram campaign vs AI

    Playing as the French: Game 1 (Landshut Crossing) Game 1 was a 28 turn affair which the objective was to block the Isar River crossing at Landshut, ostensibly a delaying action - I managed a major victory by holding off the Austrian forces from gaining anything on the West bank of the Isar...
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    Oak Grove -01b: Camapign Peninsula

    Played almost half of this as the Union player vs AI today -my first real try at something this small -as I'd been intimidated by the size of most of the scenarios earlier. Played phased play - by accident - but it was small enough where it did not seem to disrupt the flow of the game. I...
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    World in Flames - any opinions?

    I just commited to buying the rest of WiF that I did not have - I managed to buy the WiF 2000 update kit a few years ago - but did not actually have the game to update .... so I finally got around to buying the part I think I need - in order to finally play this thing --- Was wondering what...