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  1. CapitanPiluso

    Caso DB - The IndoChine Regime

    THX for your work, will try this as soon as possible.
  2. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: MatchPlay [MP] (NL)

    3:34:47 hours This game should have an intemediate or operational level mode where you give orders and the AI does the micromanagement.
  3. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: The Last Exocet

    Nice AAR Here is a very interesing article about searching methods used by Argentine navy
  4. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Ingress [MP] (USSR) a.k.a "The Dance of the Vampires"

    200 ASM s - 22 Backfires = 1 Shot ....It s always a real challenge to attack a CVBG in Harpoon. Nice battle !!
  5. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Correo Entrante

    Hey glad to see you met VC here, I tried this scen a couple of times but was distracted by some issues and never returned to finish it.
  6. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: White Phoenix

    I think this scen is impossible to win in a MP match.This scen should belong to the ITW Battleset (Impossible To Win) lol You took some advantages of solitaire gameplay ( i.e. laucnhed the Hawkeye and inmediately set sensors to active, a sure suicidal task in MP ) but that was not sufficient...
  7. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Night Raiders

    Good scen,good battle and right tactic. But you should change the scen name from "Night Raiders" to "Suicidal Raiders", I don´t see a single chance of winning from the DPRK side. :smoke:
  8. CapitanPiluso

    AAR Ghost Carrier HUE

    Today I decided to try this new release from the Indochine Battleset. The strategic idea is : 1-To block aerial attacks from Indochina,covering that aerial corridor with Harriers, Typhons and F-16 . 2-To use Helos with sonobuoys searching for enemy goblins who may appear on the road home...
  9. CapitanPiluso

    Caso DB - The IndoChine Regime

    Sorry, a pair of fool´s questions : I downloaded the updated scen from HPlonk (08-1CoralA1.scn) but I guess the name should be Ghost I right ?? Anyway, if I put the file into scens folder the program says that doesn´t match current database. Any help will be great. Thanks
  10. CapitanPiluso

    Caso DB - The IndoChine Regime

    Nice to see that new and quality scens are on the way.
  11. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Baltic Sea Struggle

    Really a good idea to use the VCR to make this AAR, an interesting game of surface action to prepare the players for future wins ( or losses) Thanks guys for this video :smoke:
  12. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Fox Hunt

    You were lucky,those Grisha touched really close, I believe that intermitent radar should be used from vessels when trying to catch some surface signature from a sub. But I am sure thatTLAMs alerted the enemy about your presence and if the scenario duration were 24 hours more the end of the...
  13. CapitanPiluso

    Harpoon Scenario Design Site

    Re: Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB Regarding this historical conflict, here you can know the exact situation of the Argentine Navy at this time :
  14. CapitanPiluso

    Harpoon Scenario Design Site

    Re: Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB Thx for your work ( "only 74 new scens this year" ... lol...)
  15. CapitanPiluso

    Caso DB - The IndoChine Regime

    Thanks, hope I can try this one soon.:laugh: Meanwhile, could you please explain in detail how these recent changes have affected gameplay ??
  16. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Fortess Keflavik

    Nice job guys !! When you play ANW you must carefully read the OOB (Order of Bugs)... lol
  17. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Sending a Message

    One nice feature of this game is that you can play 2 hours scens or go for monster scens either.:)
  18. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Nigeria

    I just finished viewing the second video, and is really a very good idea to post both sides , this gives a whole outlook of how the game was played. In a MP game it is very important to detect the enemy quickly, otherwise you can get fried quickly too. Thanks for the AARs.
  19. CapitanPiluso

    AAR: Nigeria

    Matra Magic, what a real antiquity..but you was able to allocate it even in ANW, thats good. And by you mentioning it, it would be nice to know how many missiles can iluminators handle in order to plan a better attack.