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  1. Actionjick

    5/8" Dummy Stack Movement, MP/MF Available?

    Brought up in the Perry Sez Q+A thread, post #80. Basically the answer given in a Q+A is that a side that has no vehicles can trade it's 1/2" OB given Concealment Counters for 5/8" Concealment Counters and move them in a Dummy stack as if they were vehicles as long as out of LOS. The...
  2. Actionjick

    A million scenarios played?

    In the entrenching thread while commenting on the complexity of the system I mentioned there has probably been a million scenarios played over the thirty five years ASL has been out. I was wondering if that was an exaggeration so crunched some numbers and it works out to 79 scenarios played a...
  3. Actionjick

    Altering songs for ASL: The Weird Al Effect

    The Magnus mentioned in the ASLOk XXXV thread that in Sweden ftf attendance was limited to 8 people except for religious services which allow 20. I responded that he could make the ASL event a religious service if he had some hymns. I suggested that he consider these ASL hymns...
  4. Actionjick

    ( Super Bowl ) Sunday of the Dead

    Neither of us were real ( American, or soccer) football fans and we never watched the Super Bowl. Instead we played Sunday of the Dead giving it the prefix Super Bowl. I can't remember when this first started and so far have only found two references to it in my notebooks. The first was...
  5. Actionjick

    Pacific mini series

    Watched the first two episodes Sunday, seems ok so far. Was curious as to what others thought especially as compared to other military mini series such as Grant and Band of Brothers.
  6. Actionjick

    Les Grognards

    In an effort to maintain domestic tranquility during these trying times and not irritate Actiondebbie too much I have occupied myself by reading some of the stories/articles the Google pops up on my phone. One of these articles concerned soldiers who are older than their comrades...
  7. Actionjick

    Everything I know about (.........) l learned from ASL

    It can be just about anything, doesn't have to be game related, just something that playing ASL has given you a better understanding of. For me there are two, the Eastern Front and Cutthroat Kitchen. Growing up I was not very familiar with the war on the Eastern Front. The only...
  8. Actionjick

    Balance: scenario, A26.4, the game

    Scenario: Is scenario balance important, impossible or irrelevant in your opinion? Or any other thoughts. Except when playtesting scenario balance was irrelevant to me. I just wanted to play. Fish was my main opponent so I was going to lose 80% of the time anyway no matter if...
  9. Actionjick

    Chess clocks at ASL tournaments, feasibility, thoughts, experience

    In the hardest scenario thread MajorDomo related a tournament experience where a short, low piece density scenario was not completed in the allotted time and had to be resolved by a dice roll. I thought this was an unfortunate outcome especially if the opponent was a slow player and primarily...
  10. Actionjick

    What is the toughest/hardest scenario you ever played ?

    I'm interested in whether it's due to victory conditions, complexity of the rules, units, terrain, enviromental conditions, size, balance whatever it was that made it the hardest scenario you've played. You can include opponent but I'm looking more for factors available to any player...
  11. Actionjick

    Dogfight: have you ever done one in ASL

    Have you ever done an aerial dogfight in ASL? I can't ever recall one in all the playing I did. If you have a description would be appreciated and most likely quite interesting.
  12. Actionjick

    Hybrid tournament, FTF and VASL. Any interest in such an event.

    In the Albany thread I just posted the question to Steve if he had considered running a virtual event in tandem with the ftf Albany. I got to wondering what the interest, drawbacks, downside and upside would be for such an undertaking. What do you think. I would think there are several...
  13. Actionjick

    Happy Hollowlegionsween to you all

    May the dice gods treat you and your opponent not trick you!!??
  14. Actionjick

    ASL Fashion

    Since we have a thread on ASL etiquette it only seems appropriate that there should be a thread on ASL fashion. Aiabx said in the Superstition thread that every game he won had been a victory achieved while wearing pants!! An immensely important ASL fashion tip. What is your advice on ASL...
  15. Actionjick

    What style dice do you use, precision or round cornered?

    The ASL superstition thread has veered off into discussions about dice so I thought I'd help Professor Talo with his research and post this poll. What style dice do you use and why? Are you uncomfortable when your opponent wants to use your dice? Any unusual dice stories are also welcome.
  16. Actionjick

    Mythical ASL creatures, spirits and monsters

    The ASL Counter Brownie This fairylike creature or spirit lives unseen in the game rooms and counter storage systems of ASL players. When players exhausted by a long night of ASL retire, leaving the pieces to be sorted out after some sleep the ASL Counter Brownie appears. Quick as a...
  17. Actionjick

    What price ASL? How many $ to start? How much have you spent?

    I mentioned in the Today in ASL History thread that I had found my SL/ASL notebooks. While glancing through them I came across a letter I had written ( never meaning to send, lol Moody Blues ) where I was apparently quite pissed off about a letter that appeared in The General, Vol. 19 No. 5. The...
  18. Actionjick

    Looking for Oktoberfest '95 1945 mini tournament winner

    I was in the attic today and came across a box of ASL and Oktoberfest items. Among the items was the plaque for the 1945 mini. The plaque does not have the squad leader insert in it. I have no idea who won the mini or why it wasn't awarded, perhaps because Fish didn't have the insert...
  19. Actionjick

    Why are some old threads accessible, not others?

    Not really a big deal but the SS In AP3 thread is from 2007 yet when I have tried to access some old threads they could not be found. Like I said not a big deal, just curious. Thanks.
  20. Actionjick

    The Agony of Doom, comments and AARs requested

    In the Today In ASL History thread ( which unfounded rumors suggest will be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Literature for Historical Game Research) I posted that Fish and I had played that scenario twice one day and had given the Germans the balance both times. Eagle4ty replied...