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    Rubble Buildings

    Ok...odd question but I have my group wants an answer. Can ordnance fire including mortars (infantry fire type and/or area fire type) at a building with no units inorder to try to rubble the building? Thanks Chris B
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    HIP and Concealment

    Does a leader lose HIP and/or concealment when using a radio for OBA? thanks Chris B
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    AFV in Motion...when can it fire during the its next MPh?

    Good Day All If a AFV in motion canNOT fire during the Prep Fire and must expend 1 MP in its next MPh. So can the AFV fire as its 1st MP on that MPh? If not please aim me to the rules section(s). Thanks Chris :)
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    Concealment of Vehicles and Ordnance

    Ok...I hope I have not met my quota of questions. How does a vehicle & ordnance maintain concealment even after firing? Thanks again...this is a great site. Bocko :?
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    AFV and UAV (unarmored vehicles)

    Me again. This is a lengthy question. How does the IFT/sniper rolls affect the crews of AFVs, OT AFVs and UAV? Pin Results: MC Results: K/? Results: I would assume the crew is eliminated KIA Results: I would assume the crew is eliminated Sniper 1: Sniper 2: Thanks Again Bocko Our rules...
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    1/2" mortars and smoke

    Ok, I have heard both sides and still cannot find in the rules. Can 1/2" mortars fire smoke? I know if the counter mentions WP it can fire that but what about regular good cover smoke? And if it can at what strength if fired first during PrepFirePh? Thanks Bocko :?