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  1. nekengren2

    Crest Firegroup

    Can units in adjacent hexes, both in Crest Status, FireGroup? I think not but I have seen some forum responses otherwise. A7.5 FIRE GROUP (FG): A FG may consist of units from more than one Location only if each participating unit occupies a Location ADJACENT to another participating unit of...
  2. nekengren2

    Cave Complex - Gully

    It seems I am allowed to have a Cave Complex that crosses a dry Gully. Is that correct? It can't cross Water, sand, stream, sunken road. Nothing about all those sunken gullies on the Kakuza Ridge map. Just seems wrong to me having tunnels under so many rocky stream beds. Tunnels themselves do...
  3. nekengren2

    PTO Kunai versus Bambo

    Sure wish there was a depiction for Bamboo. One scenario I tried PTO transformations. Changed Grain to Kunai (depicted by Brush). The problem is Bamboo which has no special depiction. Brush is just changed to inherent full hex Brush/Bamboo. Kunai and Bamboo look the same with one inherent and...
  4. nekengren2

    Gun squad Inherent FP

    A gun with crew has a target 2 hexes away. It fires the gun at the target. Can it fire Inherent FP S1F on the same target? The 2 important rules I think are........ 7.352 A crew/HS/SMC that fires any SW/Gun loses its inherent FP until attacked/attacking in CC or the end of that Player Turn...
  5. nekengren2

    VBM Street Fighting with CCcounter?

    The guru opinion seems to be that Infantry against VBM Vehicle gets 2 shots at Reaction Fire if necessary. First MP - Street Fighting / Ambush. Second MP - D1F penalty and no Street Fighting If you follow 7.21........the second attack would happen with a CCcounter already on the unit. 7.21...
  6. nekengren2

    Translated ASLRB

    What efforts have been made on translations of the ASLRB? I googled and really couldn't find much. I seem some player aids in other languages but not much past that. I understand there is no official eASLRB so any translation would also be un-official. If I were MMP I would never expend any...
  7. nekengren2

    Starshells Attempts

    When I do a Starshell I have to say which HEX is trying? I can't figure this out by reading the rules OR any FAQ,Tutorials I have read. The answer I want is YES............tell me which hex. More fun and verifiable because of below. The answer I don't like is NO...
  8. nekengren2

    Japanese DC Hero

    Can I create a DC Hero if he starts MPh with no LOS to the intended target? If the DC Hero is pure T-H Hero I guess so. If the DC Hero is Banzai then probably not. A regular T-H Hero can be attempted any time during the MPh.............. 1.421 TANK-HUNTER (T-H) HEROES: An armed, Good Order...
  9. nekengren2


    Seems to me that Interdiction rarely happens. Is this true? It almost never comes up. Am I missing something? If a HIP/Concealed unit is revealed it could happen. If the situation makes you desperate to get away you might just risk it. If you are adjacent................ you usually...
  10. nekengren2

    HIP Deployed

    If SSR says one HIP squad..........................can I place two HS HIP in different locations??
  11. nekengren2

    OT AFV Unprotected Crew

    D5.311 Unprotected Crew Man this is hard to figure out attacks on a BU OT AFV with Elevation Advantage. Let's write this the most obtuse way possible. After parsing all the words and the impact of Elevation Advantage numbers the rules are very different for each CE CRM case 0,1,2 Only the...
  12. nekengren2

    Prep Fire SW and Inherent

    If I fire my FT in PFPh......................can I wait till later in the Phase AFTER other units have fire Inherent FP at something else? I don't see people doing this delay of fire but I sure can't see where in the rules it would rule it out. And I don't see...
  13. nekengren2

    D1F and S1F on building movement

    A unit moves into a Building adjacent to enemy#1. Enemy#1 fires D1F no effect. Enemy#1 fires S1F no effect (MF#2 being used). Can Enemy#2 two hexes away now fire D1F at the unit which just moved into the building? It seems to me that that nobody else fired when MF#1 was used and that time slice...
  14. nekengren2

    Case J/L .... Motion .... Stopped

    Well I felt compelled to make my own cheat sheet about Case J/L TH modifiers. It all makes sense now but I had to parse the manual and several articles. If anybody sees an error here I would love to hear it. Thanks. And my question about the ORANGE box below is.................. A Vehicle...
  15. nekengren2

    Case J2

    Should be simple but I can't figure it out. DFF versus an in-motion tank which starts in LOS. Will case J2 apply? My thinking is that I have already been looking at this tank moving in front of me and now it takes one more step it has spent much time in my LOS...
  16. nekengren2

    Vassal EST

    Retired gamer looking for VASL. Did tons of classic SL. Been playing ASL quite a bit but need more schooling. I'm open to any time since I have all the time in the world retired. woo hoo.