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  1. Nicho11

    Pros and Cons re: For King and Country

    Hi, Just wondering what the advantages are in purchasing FK&C if I already have West of Alamein?
  2. Nicho11

    Newbie seeking patient opponent

    Hi, I am a recent returnee to the world of ASL and have taken the plunge into VASL but am yet to play against an actual opponent. Am based in Victoria, Australia and would love to play a game over the weekend. Haven't yet set up a comms option (Skype won't load on my Mac) but am happy to be...
  3. Nicho11

    Problems with installing VASL on new iMac

    I am trying to install VASL on my iMac running 10.15.5 Catalina. I have managed to download and install Java (after much ado). I have downloaded the VASSAL engine 3.3.1 and then downloaded the VASL module. However when I try to import the module into the Module Library I get an error message. It...
  4. Nicho11

    Taking possession of a DC in movement phase.

    Can a unit take possession of a DC carried by a unit that has been broken in order to use it against an adjacent target in the advance fire phase?