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    ER Chaser Vs Tripps in Perimeter map

    Ok - this is where ER and I can trash talk each other (and everybody else can feel free to join in) It seems (and it is still kinda early) that the recent Perimeter map favours the Axis, so im thinking the Allies can do well, even against someone as tough as ER... Lets see if I can put my...
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    Tripps vs Mad Russian - playtest ME

    OK, have the setup and read the interesting and informative Briefing - all 9 pages! It appears i've already wiped out a whole bunch of unsupported German infantry ( :hurray: ) and now my valiant and victorious forces are expecting a counter by some AFV's of unknown type and origin. I have...
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    GoH VI - ER vs Tripps

    While its still fresh in my mind I thought i'd jot it all down. As the Russians in the winter of '45 (minus the snow), and 1000 ME points to choose from, i went through both sides selection options before finalising. 3 T34's (plt) Company of green Rifle Platoon of green SMG 3 82mm...